HBO is pure evil for releasing a Game of Thrones Season 7

first_imgHBO and Game Of Thrones have figured out one of our weaknesses and they’re exploiting it early and to maximum potential.That weakness? Teasers.While I may not be a fan of teaser trailers for teaser trailers or that weird five-second teaser trailer they’re putting in front of other trailers these days, I love a good tease and this new video from HBO is working it like one of the burlesque queens of old.If you want to blame someone for sucking you into this teaser trailer, blame the lovely Sasha Perl-Raver for sharing it on her Twitter account. Or blame HBO, or Game Of Thrones, or even George R.R. Martin. Just don’t blame me because I’m just the messenger dutifully passing along the “news” that this teaser exists.It’s pure evil. It’s Qyburn and Cersei plotting levels of evil but it’s also wonderful because it’s a reminder that season seven is already being created. It’s just out of reach. Tantalizingly close to showing you something; a glimpse, a peek, a secret. I’ve watched it multiple times looking for any clue and I’m sure I’ll watch it again several more times as I try and see what’s hidden in plain sight.last_img

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