Australian Camp Diary – Cara Zaremski

first_imgFollowing last weekend’s training camp in Parkes, Australian Mixed Open player, Cara Zaremski tells us about how the camp went, what the team got up to and how the team is feeling in the lead up to the 2013 Trans Tasman Series.Our first camp for our the Australian Mixed begun with a joint six hour bus trip with the Men’s team to Parkes, more famously known for THE DISH rather than as a venue for Australian teams training camp if you want to look it up. It’s was a pretty exciting feeling going into Aussie camp for the first time and we have plenty of other debutants that were feeling exactly the same way.Camp begun nice an early on Saturday morning with plenty of tired eyes and travel legs. Mick began setting out the cones and we were all thinking ‘what are we going to get put through a hectic fitness session’. We all, not quite that willingly, began to prepare ourselves for what we were about to incur but the pranks had begun early and we in fact weren’t doing fitness at all. I think Mick is still having a chuckle to himself that he pulled the prank off. Our first session was based solely around rucking patterns, getting good field position, good subbing and learning what strength each player has towards attacking the line.Following lunch put on by Parkes Touch Association, we split up into groups and conducted training sessions with the Parkes representative teams that will be attending the NSW Junior State Cup in 2013. It’s a critical part of our sport’s development and growth to give knowledge to those juniors playing and we were lucky enough to be in a privileged position to do this as part of our camp. All the kids seemed to have a great time, wanting pictures with all the players, but I don’t think our Under 14’s boys team coached by Sebe K (Kristian Congoo) and myself understood what the beep test really was when we said we would do it for punishment, they all seemed a little too eager to perform it, they will soon learn it’s not something to wish to do.We finished the day with an exhibition match against the Men’s team, although it was an exhibition for the Parkes Touch Association, it gave our Mixed team an opportunity to play together for the first time and determine where our team was at as a unit and individually.Returning back to the accommodation at the end of the day and the boys began their pranks on each other, Trent’s undies went missing (yes he did only bring one set for the weekend) and there was set to be repercussions.  A semi formal dinner was attended by both teams with some great food, good company and even the Mayor. The rest of our night resulted in a tour of Parkes by bus driver Roy of the Christmas lights. We are all still lucky to be here after Roy’s attempt to get air off the speed humps. Trent did some sneaky investigating and the pranks didn’t end just before bed. The boys, Langy, Bundy, Lawry and Lawrence, found themselves going to bed with salt and sugar in their sheets, missing bags and frozen shoes and clothes in the morning.Sunday morning, Team Mick’s Favourites vs. The Others created a lot of competition in all defensive and attacking drills. Victory for the girls in one drill! Leah Opie, Elesha Dougal and myself out doing the Queensland speedsters (Lawrence Oberleuter, Kristian Congoo, Michael Law) by not being able to score a touchdown first in one competition. We spent plenty of time doing line attack, line defence and we set a good platform for where we want to be at defensively as a team. We finished up early with Mick happy with where our team was at and we began the six hour bus ride home. Overall, camp went really well and our preparation going into the New Year for the 2013 Trans Tasman series is on track for a cracker of a tournament. We are all looking really forward to our further training camps and the upcoming series. It’s going to be a tough tournament and no one in the team is taking New Zealand as an easy match up. So over the Christmas and summer break while you are all enjoying yourselves and having a break from training, our team will be getting together with fellow team members to keep working hard to maintain the Trans Tasman title. It’s going to be a busy couple of months but I’m super pumped and looking forward to the next camp in January and my first Trans Tasman in February. Related LinksCamp Diary – Cara Zaremskilast_img

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