The first half of this year, the province’s first half of the target system of human resources

reporter from the August 18th meeting of the first half of the province’s social system work deployment in video conference was informed that this year, the province’s human resources and social security system, conscientiously implement the provincial government decision to deploy, proactive, be enthusiastic and press on, the priorities and major reform progress, the main task of all indicators achieved more than half the time, over half of the task target.

in the first half of this year, the province’s urban employment 39 thousand people, the annual target to complete the task 64.6%; employment 922 thousand people transfer surplus labor in agricultural and pastoral areas, the completion of the annual target task 87.8%; the registered urban unemployment rate of 3.1%, within 3.5% of the target. Urban and rural labor skills training 43 thousand people, to complete the annual target of any of the 53.4%. Launched a comprehensive reform of the endowment insurance system of the institutions, the first in the country to promote the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents at the provincial level, adjust and improve the urban and rural residents medical insurance financing standard and basic pension standards, implementation stages and reduce the rate of social insurance policies, is expected to reduce the burden of 490 million yuan enterprises (units). Completion of the recruitment of 4 batches of civil service recruitment and public institutions and civil servants in 1334, the recruitment of staff and institutions 2955 people, completed 85.8% of the annual plan. At the same time, reported to the provincial government issued the opinions on the construction of a harmonious labor relations, the plan to carry out a special inspection of wages paid migrant workers, the work of solid progress. read more

Xining city health guarantee food quality and safety of the public

reporter recently learned from the meeting, this year not only make the city Chuangwei crucial combat, environmental health status in our city has been improved effectively, but also make the city in the basic containment of food processing units unlicensed production, abuse of additives, using pigment based exceed the standard and other illegal acts, to further ensure the reliability and safety of the people three meals a day.

It is reported that

, at present our total holder (i.e., business license and health permit) operation of the food processing unit 259, including food production license (QS mark) of the food processing enterprises 156, food processing small workshops 103. In order to ensure people’s food quality is negligence, to ensure that people can eat daily on food safety, quality supervision departments conscientiously fulfill the food production and processing, especially small businesses, small workshops food quality and hygiene supervision responsibilities, through extensive mobilization, propaganda, the jurisdiction of all food production enterprises and small workshops have been 100% set up a sales account, establishment and implementation of the "unsafe food recall system", signed a "food safety undertaking" weight, registration and publicity of food additives rate reached 100%, the city’s food production and processing quality of health status has been significantly improved. Especially through nearly a period of Chuangwei crucial combat, in our city and the basic foundation of containment, eliminate unlicensed production, abuse of food additives, exceed the standard use of pigment and the use of non food raw materials and recycling of food two processing of food and other illegal behavior, to further strengthen the food quality supervision, improve security and the reliability of public food consumption. read more

Xining police even broke major drug trafficking seized 664 grams of heroin

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment cracked 4 cases of drug trafficking, seized heroin, heroin, methamphetamine, methamphetamine, 270 grams, arrested the suspect, a total of 8.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau narcotics detachment closely combined with the actual work, strict implementation of the measures, scientific deployment of police, continue to intensify the fight against drug crime efforts, after more than a month of unremitting efforts, cracked 4 cases of serious drug trafficking cases. December 27, 2008, the detachment of police through nearly 1 months of careful investigation, in the Eastern District of a hotel will be arrested in the drug trafficking suspects arrested, seized heroin, 358 grams of heroin in the east of the city of London, the city of London, a total of three months, a total of 10 million tons of heroin. read more

The city’s new small and micro enterprises 2650

This year is the number of small and micro enterprises grew the most obvious year, an increase of 2650, of which 1984 in the field of production of three." The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic Commission, the city complete policy guidance, credit guarantee, tax relief and a series of measures to support the development of private economy and doubling plan under the guidance of our city Small and micro businesses increase the number of far more than in previous years, the rapid development of Small and micro businesses.According to reports, this year, the city continues to promote the rapid development of small and micro enterprises, such as through the backbone of enterprise model driven by read more

The city’s ten most beautiful workers released yesterday

  they use the practical action to the most essential, the most simple, work on their own due diligence, dedication, made extraordinary achievements, interpretation of "labor is the most glorious" pyramid creed with sweat, has taken a solid step in the sunny road. The evening of June 14th, sponsored by the Federation of trade unions of the first "Chinese dream labor beauty – · find the most beautiful laborers" TV awards in the center square "big stage people", Qian Xiuying 10 people were named Xining’s first best workers". Municipal Committee, publicity minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, attended the awarding ceremony, Ma Ning, vice chairman of the Municipal People’s congress. Liu Huafang, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, was invited to the party.
in mid April this year, the Municipal Federation of trade unions in the city workers initiative named "Chinese dream labor beauty – · find the most beautiful laborers" theme campaign. Since the campaign, has been widespread concern in the community, the city’s broad masses of people and workers actively participate in the selection. The Organizing Committee of the final recommendation from a number of personnel in the list, the initial determination of the 30 front-line workers to get this event, the most beautiful workers candidate qualifications. As of the awards, a total of 28001 people through the network, the 2490 people on the phone, the most beautiful workers for their minds cast a solemn vote. After careful verification summary of the organizing committee, consult together the wishes of the masses, finally produced the first Chinese dream · is determined according to the voting results; labor workers find the most beautiful beauty contest of the 10 finalists, they are: Qian Xiuying, Zhang Dongling, Hou Li Xiuying, this, Wang Haiyan, Yin Wanjun, Ma Fengying, Shen Dewei, Zhao Liangyong, He Qin. They pay a hundredfold efforts to obtain the dignity of human dignity, industry honor and social respect, passing the positive energy of health! At the party, the first batch of 10 most beautiful workers accepted the trophy and Certificate in the warm applause. read more

The villagers’ income selling vegetables dabuzi agricultural play rhythmical singing

characteristics of flowers throughout the year selling, fresh vegetables are exported to both inside and outside the province, the first "agricultural super docking" direct marketing direct new model…… In recent years, efforts to build the town Baoziwan Xining city and the province in modern agricultural demonstration base, enriching income, and greatly enriched the Xining people’s food basket.

August 22nd, Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District of Xining City, a more than 50 acres of vegetables base, farmers are quickly out of the sink out of a red carrot. Roadside, a number of carrot dealers are selected and packaged carrots…… "Don’t go out, farmers at home will be able to put the dishes sold." Sheng Qing highland vegetables Postharvest Storage Manager Xu Zhengguang told reporters that Qinghai carrot is very popular in the field, especially in some large supermarkets in Xi’an, Chengdu and Chongqing have been put here as a direct supply base, their purchase price was more than the purchase price of Xining city. read more

Why smoke Hotel really bad to do

once the cigarette and liquor vendor can bring great wealth for us, but now the cigarette and liquor vendor but many shopkeepers worried, do not know to should give up or so laborious. In fact, in the current business environment, smoke Hotel is really bad to do ah. So, why smoke Hotel really bad to do?

is a group of cigarette and liquor vendor purchase, retail, distribution, display, promotion of the five functions in one, a liquor brand to compete for the channel. But in recent years, the depth of the liquor industry reform and strategic adjustment also prompted the smoke Hotel shuffle". Take the cigarette and liquor vendor ranked the first in the country in Henan, nearly 1/3 or more of the cigarette and liquor vendor have continued to shut down. Now do not ah, but also across the country with emotion. read more

Xining municipal government asked the candidates to create a good learning environment

May 21st, the Xining municipal government issued a notice requiring the county government and relevant departments to ensure the city entrance examination work safely and smoothly, to create a good learning environment for the majority of candidates exam.

During the college entrance examination,

senior high school entrance examination, the county government and urban management, environmental protection, construction, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments of the school, the noise disturbance, interference test construction and produce noise pollution, commercial outlets, catering and entertainment, and other places to carry out law enforcement inspection of motor vehicle maintenance and focus on remediation. It is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers, industrial noise, construction noise, cultural entertainment noise, market noise and so on. June 1st to June 21st period, the municipal government public telephone (12345) for 24 hours to accept, investigate and deal with the problem of noise pollution complaints from parents and candidates. In the college entrance examination (June 7th to 9) and the mid-term exam (from June to 23, 21), the school around the test site to prevent sticking, to eliminate all kinds of noise pollution, the candidates to create a quiet pro forma and test environment. read more

The world’s first Tibetan search engine was born in August next year on the line

With the popularity of the Internet, the search engine is becoming more and more important. Information from the provincial Commission by letter Information Development Department: the world’s first Tibetan search engine cloud search engine has been born in the province, is currently in the internal testing phase, will be formally launched in August next year. After the completion of the cloud search engine, the Tibetan information security, domestic and foreign public opinion monitoring and analysis of important public opinion to provide reliable parameters and basis to speed up the improvement of the level of information technology in tibet.

cloud hidden search engine by the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Tibetan information technology research center of research and development, is an important part of the informatization construction of our province Tibetan nationality cause "12th Five-Year" in the planning, system platform construction project started in 2013, the search engine is expected to be completed by the end of 2015, officially opened in August 2016.According to the
cloud hide search engine covering culture, health, education, science, religion, and other aspects of the characters, as of now, have been recorded in history, literature, religion, medicine, natural and various dictionaries and other 25 categories of data. Cloud search engine system reservoir project construction platform is a set of search engines, Tibetan encyclopedia, automatic question answering is one of the major Tibetan portal system engineering, provides news, web pages, pictures, video, encyclopedia, library, know 7 plates, later will also increase the reader, Machine Translation, electronic mail and other plate. Cloud hidden search engine is completed, the system of Tibetan search the correct recognition rate will reach 95%, not only to meet the needs of Tibetan netizens personalized retrieval, will also promote the full range of Tibetan information into the Internet world, the Tibetan students enjoy a variety of distance education, information education, network education, teaching mode, improve the teaching level of tibet. read more

Xining total housing provident fund 336 million yuan coverage rate of up to 70%

last year, a total of 336 million Xining housing accumulation fund, so that the city’s housing accumulation fund imputation rate of up to 61%, coverage of up to 70%.

, a reporter from the Xining city housing provident fund management center to understand, in order to improve the housing conditions of the masses, the city housing system reform, accelerate the construction of urban housing, the city launched a housing provident fund system since 1995, and the provident fund as the main line, and actively carry out the loan business, continue to strengthen the management of the provident fund, the housing provident fund in our city the coverage rate increased year after year. Only last year, the city administrative institutions and all kinds of enterprises, establish housing provident fund system units reached 1291, an increase of 3 percentage points compared to 2005, the annual total of regulated housing provident fund 336 million yuan, 74 million yuan increase over the previous year, growth of 23%. So far, the city accumulated a total of 1 billion 800 million yuan in the housing accumulation fund in the past 11 years. (author: heart load) read more

Six major cultural industry projects to promote

In August 14th, the 2015 Qinghai cultural tourism festival culture, radio and television, sports industry special promotion project, the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication to the guests to promote cultural industries with the silk road project, to promote the cultural industry gathering area south of Xining Silk Road Creative Industry Park, beautiful green jade cultural industry Park, Qinghai mutual construction of Tu cultural exchange platform 6 most representative key projects of cultural industries.

South of Xining cultural industry gathering area along the Silk Road Project creative industry park construction is the main content of cultural and performing arts theater, film and Television Center, intangible cultural heritage protection center, animation industry etc.. After the completion of the project, will become the largest collection of cultural and creative products in Xining research and development production, non heritage project display, national performing arts, film and television animation, leisure and entertainment as one of the integrated cultural tourism destination. After the completion of the project, Qinghai jade cultural industry park will become the largest folk art, jewelry and jade trading base and book storage logistics base. After the completion of the construction project of Qinghai mutual Tu cultural exchange platform, it will become the cultural tourism industrial park. After the completion of the project, the research and development base of national traditional woodcarving creative products will become the largest production base of national furniture and traditional handicraft. After the completion of the two phase of Qinghai Tibetan cultural and Creative Industrial Park, it will be the most characteristic folk arts and crafts base of Qinghai and the experience of the plateau outdoor leisure and vacation. Jianzha cultural and creative industrial park project is the main construction of national archery base for the integration of cultural tourism read more

Xining was selected as the coolest ten cities

recently, by the Chinese and foreign summer tourism reputation survey evaluation and Study on the composition of the Asia Pacific Environmental Protection Association, Chinese Institute of city competitiveness, the World Cultural Geography Research Institute of the joint research group, announced the ten Chinese cool cool Xining City, was selected as "2013 Chinese ten summer tourist city". Other selected cities are: Kunming, Guiyang, Harbin, Heilongjiang reclamation area, Yantai City, Lijiang City, Qingdao City, Yuxi city. read more

West District, the establishment of a report call two leading cadres have style problems can complai

snake during the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival, Xining City West District to develop the "six prohibitions", leading cadres at all levels and Party members do self-discipline, austerity work, and published two report telephone: 0971 – 6339218 and 0971 – 6339138, specializes in "two" period of Party cadres in violation of the provisions of self-discipline behavior report.

asked all units in the west area within the principles of best effort, activities arranged during the holiday season, all kinds of tea, to streamline the party, resolutely prevent extravagance and waste, carry forward the hard work, thrift style, so that six prohibited strictly". That is forbidden to use public funds to entertain each other, or participate in high consumer entertainment activities; units and individuals are prohibited from accepting and exercising the powers of the units and individuals have the relationship in the name of friendship, pay New Year’s call gift of gifts, gift certificates, coupons (card) and valuables, cost to enterprises transfer, apportion, reimbursement is prohibited; participate in gambling or disguised gambling and lavish weddings and marriage and other forms of convergence of money; prohibit any form of illegal payment of allowances, subsidies, bonuses and real, prohibiting the beginning of assault money, money and spamming coupons (card); prohibited use of public funds to travel or public funds to travel in disguise; prohibited Gongjusiyong, strictly implement the provisions of the official car management. At the same time, the west district also requires leading cadres to strengthen their spouses, children and staff around the education, reminders and constraints, to promote the new wind righteousness, consciously resist unhealthy atmosphere. (author: Wu Yachun) read more

The city through the provincial health inspection review

Xining National Health City provincial review passed! This is the reporter from June 24th held in Xining to consolidate the National Health City, provincial review of feedback was informed that this shows that the city to meet the National Health City review work has taken an important step.

it is understood that the provincial review, provincial patriotic sanitation assessment group into Xining, community units respectively on the high streets and back lanes, health education, environmental sanitation, environmental protection, pest control, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, public places and drinking water hygiene, food safety, health, community and city and district units suburban conducted on-site inspections, and investigations found that key areas and key parts of the problem of key review. Assessment team in the briefing fully affirmed the work of our city architectural achievements, and pointed out the existence of our city construction in health problems and weak links, and the future development of our city to further deepen the establishment work, perfect management mechanism establishment put forward guidance and suggestions. read more

Xining West District, long system to promote the refinement of urban management

In accordance with the Xining municipal government put the city into the work of the implementation of the inspection system, so that the daily management of fine, solve the problem of the scene, to create a normalization of work requirements. Xining City, a city to act quickly, West Street Office of the west area in accordance with the principle of "one street, a long segment management, enhance the overall", took the lead in the implementation of the "Long Street" for the city, the initial formation of the grid, normalization and refinement of a new model of city management. read more

Sanjiang, China, the Yellow River, the source of the source area of pre job training held in Xining

December 6th to December 16th, China Sanjiang source Park, the Yellow River source area of temporary staff training in Xining.

for the preliminary work and carry out the source of the Sanjiang China pilot national park system construction, according to the "China source of Sanjiang national park system pilot program", Maduo County National Park staff to carry out pre service training, training is the main content of ecological environment protection, National Park related knowledge, wild animal protection, ecological tourism, folk culture, safety security, laws and regulations, tour guide services, divided into public basic courses, professional courses, knowledge lectures, quality development, field observation and other five modules. read more

The mascot of Xining seven Games emblem

  Xining seven games is a comprehensive sports meeting in Xining, held once every four years, in 2009 the beginning of the sixth games. This year’s seventh Xining Games hosted by Datong county. According to the Organizing Committee of the seventh session of the Xining City Games, March 1st, Datong County propaganda department for the emblem and mascot seventh sports meeting in Xining city to outside the province through newspapers, network, by collecting 1 months received outside the province submitted more than 20 pieces of designer emblem, mascot 8. April 17th, the Xining Municipal Committee of the seventh session of the Organizing Committee of the expert review, colorful hada and Ning Ning were selected for the Xining Games emblem, mascot seventh. (author: Ge Wenrong) read more

Tens of thousands of visitors to the Xining ice sculpture screaming fun

, in February 2nd 3, the people’s Park weekend unusually lively, is being held here in the eighth Chinese summer ice art garden and the first temple by tens of thousands of tourists, skating ladder, ice, ice, ice and snow to see a maze, so that the majority of visitors hooked.

2 evening, the reporter saw in the people’s Park, the red lantern racket, twelve zodiac sculpture pedestal, a lot of tourists looking for their own Zodiac photo, the west gate corridor "national beauty and heavenly fragrance" is to let people find everything fresh and new ice, according to reports, the ice wall the peony is made by special process vivid, true to life. Qinghai is the most popular elements of a variety of ice in the ice elves boutique, Plateau Tibetan antelope before visitors lined up to take pictures, "Tsui Wenfeng", "Sanjiang", "old tower" sculptures is attracted tourists loud shouts of applause. It is reported that this year Xining ice scale hit most of history, with nearly 5000 cubic meters of ice, which in the west gate square set "spirit song big slide" spots, the shape of the main body is 9 meters high, slide length more than 100 meters, with a capacity of 1200 cubic meters of ice. In addition, this year the Ice Lantern Festival is also integrated into the temple, flavor snacks, folk art performances, has become a major part of. read more

Shandong audience praised Qinghai cultural products

6 months late, the provincial press and publication department led people, province of the United States in our province to organize 12 cultural enterprises to participate in the seventh session of China (Shandong) exposition of Chinese innovation design culture exhibition of Arts and crafts. The audience was attracted by Shandong province rich and colorful folk culture art, hand-painted Thangka, Thangka Duixiu, silver filigree, bronze, jade, Kunlun folk embroidery, painting, jewelry and other Tibetan villi of different types and characteristics of the fine arts and crafts won the Shandong audience praise. Many merchants carefully asked about the situation in the province, said the company is willing to cooperate with Qinghai, the establishment of sales outlets in Qingdao.During the read more