t included new sites to protect the original is not harmonious

has a fatal shortcoming, search engine update slow! As a result, an original content can be overwhelming to become "acquisition". And this is how to generate? The main reason is that in the promotion of the chain, is part of the "shadow". A chain is also better, but most of them are not removed from the chain? Do not respect the fruits of labor, on the Internet too much. So how to combine the original content without infringing the chain extension of


two: content update and the chain extension of read more

How to detect the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

webmaster, best to develop good habits and use a EXCEL table carefully record you need to detect keywords, and then regularly (weekly or monthly) to check their rankings, so down the webmaster can develop on their own websites have a more complete and image understanding.


in the process of website optimization, in addition to the internal optimization and the construction of the chain, in fact, there is a very important job is often missed by everyone, that is the effect of detection. If the Shanghai dragon optimization as a "deal" if so, effect detection is equivalent to see the search engine is how to "trick". Just see the search engine to give you the reaction operation, is very helpful to optimize the measures for further improvement. The main purpose of this paper is to discuss how to detect the effect of effective website optimization. From the big direction, Shanghai dragon optimization effect detection can be divided into the following parts: detection, detection, ranking included chain detection and conversion rate detection. read more

The winter will be over, the webmaster can spring be far behind

what love the future, Shanghai will certainly develop original recognition technology and nobility baby comparable algorithm rules.

3, website rating and chain query tools to open

to the benign development of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai certainly will develop to love chain query and website rating tools, with optimization guide to love Shanghai we have more direction on the site to make a reasonable optimization. Noble baby PR algorithm will be love Shanghai for reference, are likely to develop a website similar to PR guide. read more

Love the sea invited experts to prepare medical terms prohibit ordinary users to modify


people in daily life as the body of unknown symptoms, will be the first time to retrieve information related diseases through the network, understand the content of etiology, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of the disease, and the information on the Internet is not authoritative, confusion, slow updates, light is misleading users, while delaying the disease. While the strategic cooperation, love Shanghai is to solve this problem.

Times News (reporter Li Bin) yesterday, love Shanghai and the national health and Family Planning Commission, Medical Encyclopedia project clinicians science network, China Academy of medical science and Health Science Research Center reached a strategic cooperation, the authority will organize the academician of the well-known three hospitals and hundreds of experts, jointly compiled love Shanghai disease encyclopedia entries, help users through the love of Shanghai search get authoritative medical information. read more

Net net action to Shanghai Longfeng positions continue to fall

net of Shanghai dragon

in my opinion, the white hat Shanghai dragon, there are three main points: content, channels and mechanisms. Content since Needless to say, the chain for the emperor, content is king, to sum up in a word, the content of importance is self-evident. The channel is also platform to publish content to what channel is high weight website or low weight website, forum or news source, different levels of the platform, the effect of different Shanghai dragon. Need to explain a mechanism. Shanghai dragon in China after ten years of development, has formed a chain, in this chain, was responsible for content creation, is responsible for the content (chain) release, was responsible for the assessment, was responsible for the site code optimization, was responsible for the platform construction, even the people in the intermediary and the node of the industrial chain, how this chain can link up? This is the mechanism. In simple terms, is of interest. read more

Lu Cong Shanghai dragon martial arts drama of website content


two men withdrew to their main fact, shut the door at the door waiting for life, small food, food and wine on the set.

a beautiful but full of dangers in the afternoon, long for Wang Changle and clan forces such as the short passage about about negotiations with the blessing inn. The shopkeeper Tong talk into the rooms upstairs.

OK, today Shanghai dragon drama group was formally established, then today’s first act is the story of the construction of website. This is where the significance of drama, the director will be in play with you finally said that the audience. Carefully watching this drama is pretty good yo. read more

Want to know how to solve the problem of reducing the weight of the website

Three ways to solve the

is the first order quality chain beginning this website to cultivate, like in the home to release the soft, BBS signature anchor text before the modification of the relevant industry website.

third content quality. Because of the financial network if issued investment information, so every day there is a freckle zhangfei liquid original content updates, the rest of the article can also maintain the quality and novelty, and update the contents of the article can also change in the 2-5 article, published on the fighting strength is fixed. Link site IIS log spider, the spider feeding is the control discipline. It had nothing to do with it? The last letter and found that it is not true: this site every day and Shinkin comments are original, but the gold on every day city contribute to the large financial website column on the release, the cup happened: although at the moment love Shanghai engine is wonderful, but even the for a long time on the site after the release will be published to the financial portal, in search of the question, once the other web site, the site of the articles included page no ranking, but is the first row of other sites. This makes the lost value of the original. read more

Love is a server snapshots for Shanghai to blame

7.14 when I sit, because Google ranking dropped. So called Liu ya, with her QQ. The phone sounds so haggard Liu sub ah, then have a look at other people’s blog that sleep a night, is to host. (here I really despise what Pangu host, after we don’t buy his host, the old customer service service. After the addition of QQ) asked him to give me a new dress.

second days (7.12), and the last second days and the last blog cannot access the morning when I was a little uncomfortable, as I know the address is Shanghai dragon cannot access is very influential for ranking. The morning I went to the company ranked query when found, did not fall but there are several rankings of several, love Shanghai for good rankings in front of the weight of the high site is very good. To find the service again, he said as soon as possible to deal with, there is little improvement. At that time, I wanted to be sure is what happened at the end of the day, so I can solve what time. He said that it should be resolved today, what should be called? There is definitely ah, has been delayed to third days. read more

We paid a return visit to the first batch of entrepreneurs who did small programs to see what they h

AI media consulting released the investigation report on the "2017 China netizen" WeChat small program and development status display: WeChat small program released a month later, application developers significantly enhance the degree of concern to 94.9%, but the choice of application developers to continue the development of small programs accounted for only 9.2%, there are 35.2% application developers to feel small program disappointed, intended to give up, 35.2% of developers said not consider short-term. read more

n 09 years thought the WangzhuanHow big are you talking about entrepreneurship

, but the answer to the question is also more annoying, so it is still back to the code line, here and friends to do a simple share.

Do Wangzhuan

thank www.jianzhanku.cn webmaster

The representative of

saw Ma Dong last year at the 36 krypton conference, meaning that the commercial value of the head content of any era is dominant. I agree with you. For example, wonderful said that by advertising has been a lot of money. Another example is that the twenty-first Century economic report is not large circulation, the heyday of 400 thousand copies of it, but the annual advertising revenue is 300 million. read more

Shanghai love chain algorithm to update after how to carry out the construction of the chain

cheating outside the chain, the chain of garbage outside the chain is not so to cheat the other we care about, cheating the chain directly on the site’s ranking impact. Shanghai love to judge a chain is the chain of garbage or cheating in the chain, starting from the maker of the psychological needs and the dominant position, the chain is cheating maker from the intention to deceive search engines, using the technique of cheating site quickly get good rankings. Cheat the chain generally include: 1, the anchor text > cheating read more

Share some long-term website marketing strategy of Shanghai Dragon

(search engine optimization Shanghai Longfeng cable Torgovnik) is a leading online marketing strategy and the most cost-effective marketing means it can achieve the greatest degree of fast changing market, increase a large audience, to increase online information. But many people do Shanghai dragon knows, Shanghai dragon is a broad marketing means, takes time, hard work and great efforts. But as many search engines change their algorithms, through our efforts to get the results may be reduced and disappeared the following is a list of network optimization technology forever, can help you increase your web page ranking. read more

Five techniques on the analysis of the site keywords

(5) in search of more than 5 million, representing the high difficulty (team, is Shanghai dragon company can

(2) search is less than 1 million, representing small difficulty

published online competition data keywords as follows:

three: learn to analyze the

keyword analysisKeywords

have a little trick to tell you what is here, my teacher taught me. With the Intitle: core keywords, key words according to Page >

(1) search is less than 500 thousand, on behalf of

as everyone knows, who do, all cannot do without Shanghai dragon. Because the site is not behind closed doors, no one think Tianya, web sites do not require public access, and in the search engine is king of the times (at least for now), so we want to attract visitors, it is necessary to rely on search engines. The first step is to do search engine optimization analysis of key words, because only by choosing the right keywords, can bring the actual useful traffic to a site. Today is to analyze keywords talk about my experience and skills. read more

Shanghai dragon website optimization idea and strategy is more important than execution

With the continuous upgrading of the

first, the concept and nature of the analysis of Shanghai dragon. As everyone knows Shanghai, search engine optimization, the English named SearchEngineOptimization, with literal analysis, search engine optimization is how to make your site to do all aspects of the details, make it accord with the search engine and sorting rules, so that their own website weight ideal and achieve good display position in the search engine. The literal meaning is very simple, but the actual operation process, we may face many problems, how to improve the site weight, the number included how to effectively improve the high quality of the chain, how to do so. The author thinks that the basic problems in the actual operation, in fact, summed up just a bit, how to effectively enhance the user experience of the site, all for customer service, the author thinks that this is the essence of Shanghai dragon, this is the Shanghai dragon in the process of operation, and the operation level is only the manifestation, that is operation level. read more

16 years at the beginning of the new year white Shanghai dragon Er how to quickly build your own web

first, you should learn some basic knowledge of CSS and html. Know the application pro must know any dynamic program finally displayed on the client is based on HTML code, html is some very basic site elements, we use dynamic website as an example, a lot of dynamic applications such as PHP, Java, c# and other SQL statements to let the webmaster learn a variety of objects and classes or even learn a lot of basic many white see the head is greater than the bucket, then there is not a basic element that we can quickly get started the Shanghai dragon, good html is the key recommendation of the basic procedures, HTML does not need to learn many libraries or package function that HTML language is actually a scripting language used WYSIWYG, does not need any complex environment for processing, only need to open your browser to see the effect, HTML and CS S learning do not understand any computer can get started quickly, although simple, but the basic code is our site optimization based elements is very important, so mastering the basic skills, to promote the optimization of the website construction, website promotion competition ability. read more

Ruili algorithm is misinformation by K website has been restored



well, said tired, there are not many places for all analysis, further analysis on some abstruse, in fact, these seemingly simple places are good, your site is half success.

many sites are dead in the open speed on a website, if more than 10 seconds are not open, the user is bound to turn off the website to search for other sites, so this is one reason why research center ranking good, not too much JS loading, no HD picture big, want to note that wedding websites such as high-definition picture of its own, it can compress compression, can put less put less. read more

Shanghai dragon in the regional area of the station walk less important for Shanghai Longfeng detour

: correlation between the city and the city

also slowly intelligent up. The search engine in the algorithm were all clear. But we do not know what is the match, only to think. I can give you information, here is the city. For example, say you do an absolutely unique word, with the front is a province name: "Zhejiang is the fastest and most ruthless of the cattle computer maintenance" (a dozen words, now in love with the sea search, which is absolutely the only word) the word as the title of the site, when the site included. You go to search for "Hangzhou the fastest and most ruthless of the cattle computer maintenance". This word come across the top of the "Zhejiang is the fastest and most ruthless of the cattle computer maintenance of the station. read more

Study on the site before the construction of key words


sites should be selected carefully, no understanding of Shanghai dragon friends may directly select the name or select the company’s products as the keyword of the website, but when your company’s website no brand awareness, no user will search company name or site name. The name of the product if the product does not contain the common name, often no one search. The following is my talk about the importance of study on the website keywords before construction from several aspects: read more

Search marketing two biggest flaw in how we compensate

that another defect is what? I think it is the problem of the transformation. This problem is not guangguai search engine, first said. We are considering the cycle when buying products, especially industrial products, can not be the first time to visit your website to buy right. So from this to your website to need how many times the middle ditch > buy your product

I think the search marketing has two drawbacks: first it is a passive marketing, if you want to do the brand, want to get visibility, want to instantly know the masses, the search engine is to help you. Because the search engine can only passively wait for others to come to you, if no brand awareness, sorry it may not come to you as a user. So I even Tucao company brand index are not to play this game. The direct number, obviously. So if you want to do a brand to search for the best marketing, must push and pull together. read more

Talk about the experience of web users from four aspects

serverA stable I like

this may make you doubt, market segments? What do you mean? Market segments, that is to do, what are you going to do the site to do fine, and do not pursue the large and complete website, from my personal point of view I think a more prominent website can bring good user experience, because users want to find what it is easy to find, and not as an industry, "

said so much, do what the user experience will be good? I said six points here.

market segments

do a lot of Shanghai dragon will focus only on the keywords ranking, feel that as long as the ranking is up, the other does not matter, others are not important, in fact, this idea is very normal, I have seen a lot of station, very bad user experience, page page layout confusion, let a person can’t find north, but is such a web site, a month there are tens of thousands of tens of thousands of profits, although not much, but for the individual is indeed a big income, see this situation, we can not say that the user experience is poor as long as the ranking is good, maybe we should change a way to see the rankings, user experience well, the monthly income of not more? The user experience can be set aside a lot of users live, return rate will be relatively high, and that when customers visit the web site feel more formal, more comfortable. read more