A disabled shadow minister has called on the gover

first_imgA disabled shadow minister has called on the government to do more to improve its “inadequate” record on improving access to rail travel, and to provide enough funding to ensure all train journeys are accessible “from end to end”.Marsha de Cordova, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people and the MP for Battersea, was speaking three months after Disability News Service revealed that spending on the government’s rail station access improvement programme had been slashed over the last five years.Those figures, released through a freedom of information request, showed spending on the Access for All scheme fell from as much as £81.1 million in 2013-14 to just £14.6 million last year.The cuts are set to continue this year and next year, although spending is due to rise to up to £50 million a year over the following five years, with an additional £50 million in deferred funding.De Cordova (pictured), who had secured the debate on step-free access to stations in her constituency, asked transport minister Nusrat Ghani why three of the four stations in Battersea were not accessible to wheelchair-users.She told the minister that the three stations – Battersea Park, Queenstown Road and Wandsworth Town – had no step-free access, even though they served 7.5 million passengers a year.Although Clapham Junction, the country’s busiest station in terms of rail traffic, has step-free access to all its platforms, there is still no step-free access onto the trains themselves, she said.Battersea Park has had Access for All-funded work delayed, while Queenstown Road and Wandsworth Town are both due to have fully-accessible new entrances, even though there will still be no step-free access to the platforms.De Cordova said: “What is the point of having an accessible step-free entrance, but no step-free access to the actual train platform?”She added: “Step-free access to stations can mean the difference between the ability to lead a fulfilling and flourishing life seeing friends and family and going to work, and being left isolated at home, unable to travel and excluded from participation, from leading a fulfilling and flourishing ​life, and from the world of work.“That is the reality for far too many disabled people.”She said progress in making all stations accessible to disabled people through Access for All – founded by the Labour government in 2006 – had been “too slow”, with only one in five stations across the country fully accessible.She called for the Access for All programme to receive enough funding to ensure that all stations are step-free.De Cordova said: “Train journeys must be accessible from end to end. That means that someone can get to the station, on to the train, off the train and out of the station at the other end.“I call on the government to put in the investment needed to build an inclusive railway, including accessible stations in Battersea.”She said the “unreasonable” requirement for disabled people to book assistance in advance “prevents spontaneous travel and removes the ability to turn up and go”, while the removal of guards from trains meant the railway system was becoming more inaccessible.Ghani said the government’s aim was to ensure disabled people “have the same access to transport as everyone else” by 2030, to “ensure that we come into line with the UN’s ambition to ensure accessibility across all modes of transport”.She said: “People should have the same access to transport and the same opportunity to travel as everyone else, and this is an important measure to reduce social isolation and create opportunities ​for people to play a more active role in society.”She said the Access for All funding announcement meant design work would “restart on all deferred projects from April next year, and once the designs are completed, Network Rail will confirm the construction date for Battersea Park”.Ghani said the rail industry had been asked to nominate stations for new Access for All funding by 16 November, with the money to be allocated “based on annual footfall and weighted by the incidence of disability in the area” and taking into account local factors such as distance to a hospital or availability of third-party funding.And she said there would be “a fair geographical spread of projects across the country”.She said that neither Queenstown Road nor Wandsworth Town had previously been nominated for Access for All funding.And she said the government was pressing the industry to “comply with its legal obligations to ensure that work at stations meets current accessibility standards”, including on major projects such as Crossrail and the redevelopment of Birmingham New Street, and on other work such as ensuring that replacement bridges have lifts or ramps. 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Sign up to LabourLists morning email for everythi

first_imgSign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Seven MPs have left our party. We must now reflect and understand to heal and build a movement guided by our shared values. Labour is a diverse family with many different traditions. We’re guardians of a 126-year-old movement that belongs to us all, and how we move forward together is vital for our country and the people we serve.The challenges our country faces are immense, and this is a moment that demands long-term thinking. This means creating spaces in which people can have the difficult but necessary political conversations. It’s why we decided to guest edit LabourList and, in that spirit, today we focus on the economy with perspectives and thought-provoking contributions from across our movement.Reflecting on the huge opportunities for Labour to build the green economy in the context of the climate crisis, John McDonnell writes about Labour’s national transformation fund. “It will be a guide for the green jobs revolution that we want to see take root across the country, especially in communities that have been ignored for too long.” It is these communities and those who “work hard for their poverty” that are the focus of Rachel Reeves, who sets out her ideas on the everyday economy.The reality of Brexit cannot be ignored. As the New Economics Foundation’s Miatta Fahnbulleh argues, the subject dominates our politics but little is being done to address the demand of Leave voters “for something better than an economy that does not work”. The solution must be ”economic change from the grassroots”, she says. It can be too easy to hold on to ideas of the past and reach for comfort blanket solutions. IPPR’s Mathew Lawrence agrees that economic change must come from the grassroots, and further contends that a “democratic ownership agenda” as ambitious as Thatcherism is needed to “confront the wreckage of neoliberalism”.Also shining a light on the dangers of globalisation, economist Ann Pettifor explains how Theresa May’s ‘global’ Britain links billionaires Jim Ratcliffe and Jim Rowan, the right of the Conservative Party, Presidents Trump and Bolsanaro, and Brexit. She says Labour must fight against their post-Brexit vision of the future to remain “the only thriving and popular social democratic party in the world”.Finally, we know answers are to be found around tables, not just podiums, so we also have contributions today from ordinary Labour members. They have shared their views on the economy, and we hope you take time to tell us your own too.This piece was commissioned by Labour Together, which is guest editing LabourList this week.Sign up to LabourList’s morning email for everything Labour, every weekday morning.Tags:Labour /Jim McMahon /Shabana Mahmood /Labour Together guest edit /last_img read more

Developments in Development Cooling off

first_img 0% @PlnCom_Richards @MetroObserver @pcohensf But displacement isn’t really your concern is it Dennis, or Peter. You guys own your homes, so us renters can fuck off.— SF Yimby Party (@SFyimby) April 8, 2017 Now the question is: How do we get back to something sane, short of simply waiting for jobs to slump because the area has such a terrible reputation for cost of living?One architect this week suggested that the Planning Department should hire some architects, because architects find the department “obstructionist,” the Chronicle reports. Once that came out, a few other architects admitted they, too have their frustrations, particularly around historic preservation.Honestly I feel for them. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how they should do their jobs. And we’re not very charitable. Approve a development? Catch heat from anti gentrification activists. Reject a development? People who want more housing aren’t pleased. Decide to delay a decision to figure it out? Snarky reporter field day. Residents also like to exercise their city-given option to have the Planning Commission settle design disputes. In this recent case, a group of neighboring condo owners asked for a discretionary review of the project planned for the Elbo Room, in part out of concern over a tree. Or, take this recent twitter snit (is that a snitter or a twit?) between a variety of housing commentators and Planning Commissioner Dennis Richards. The YIMBYs ain’t happy. Or how about the Mission Street red bus lanes? Talk about backlash. A company that studies traffic through cell phone sensor data recently published a study indicating that risky traffic behaviors on the corridor have dropped recently – though we did see one notable exception this weekend. Of course, correlation isn’t causation, but the implication is that it’s because of the transit changes. Or, as MEDA suggests, because fewer people are driving there. Bottom line: San Franciscans love to disagree with their planners, and will probably continue to do so, whether or not the affordability crisis recedes. center_img Developments in Development is a “weekly” column recapping real estate, housing, planning, zoning and construction news.Riding on the coattails of last week’s fuss around a good chunk of millennials wanting to leave the Bay Area comes an observation from a job hunting platform indicating that 38 percent of techies are looking to leave the major Bay Area metros. That doesn’t mean everybody is leaving, but Curbed observes that the percentage of job growth in the area is smaller than the percentage of industry folks thinking of leaving the area – “wandering eyes are outpacing regional growth,” the writer notes.There are more signs that things are cooling off a little. For the first time since 2010, eviction notices have declined. Rent board data seems to indicate that since roughly this time last year, the number of eviction notices citywide has dropped more than 20 percent. (A quick aside on evictions: An appeals court has ruled that for purposes of relocation payments, children are not considered tenants.) Also, while looking for a rental in San Francisco in 2015 wasn’t a picnic by any stretch of the imagination, we are back down to those levels. Not a relief yet, but at least it seems we’ve finally peaked out. Tags: development • Developments in Development • housing Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%last_img read more

Foreign Cinema by way of Laszlo

first_img Email Address Subscribe to Mission Local’s daily newsletter Foreign Cinema, way back in 1999, opened its doors as one of the very earliest gentrifying restaurants in the Mission. Laszlo, the bar next door that shares a long, bunker-like hallway with FC, opened a couple of years later as Foreign Cinema’s trashy little sister – a little grimy, a little grungy – which we loved.All that changed with the remodel three years ago. Laszlo is now a shiny, squeaky-clean, bona fide “upscale” Mission bar. We were quite sad to see the change, actually. I adored sitting in that slightly divey space, where the DJ spun records on Sundays with his dog at his feet and offered a welcoming plate of cut-up donuts. You could sling a stiff well martini or a shot of tequila for a decent price, but you could also sit at the bar and, with snowy-white cloth napkins and silverware fraught with privilege, eat Foreign Cinema’s beautiful food, a retro flick flickering on the brick wall above. It was dreamy.Well, you can still do all of that, just in a snazzier setting. We often head to Laszlo on a Sunday afternoon for a drink and fries, sitting outdoors on the mini sidewalk patio, or just inside the open-windowed nooks, grooving to old soul tunes.center_img But it had been a really long time since we’d had dinner there – to be honest, we were scared away by the pristine nature of the new bar. We decided to stop in one evening during the recent heatwave, hoping for some air conditioning.Holy FUCK was it good.  I started with oysters (Grassy Bar from Morro Bay were the fave).Laszlo oysters.We split the Martin’s arugula [which turned out to be Little Gems] salad, with red candy peaches, toasted hazelnuts, Redwood Hill goat’s milk feta, in a peachy dressing.Laszlo little gem lettuce and peach salad.They know their way around a salad. Cooling and satisfying.We also shared the “bistro” steak.Lazlo bistro steak.“Bistro” can apparently refer to hangar, flank, or skirt. Chewy, and beefy as all get-out. With roasted baby heirloom carrots, fingerling potatoes, broccoli rabe, and a killer bearnaise.On another evening, right at happy hour, we sidled in and noshed on the complementary (and addictive) waffle chips and truffled popcorn while we waited for our drinks. It got crowded and the bartender was unfortunately slow, so it took almost an hour before we got our food, but the BF’s plate was worth the wait.Lazlo lavender pork chops.Aptly famous, the lavender-brined pork chop is everything you want in the genre: smoky, tender, succulent, with just a hint of the Provençal fields; accompanied here by broccoli rabe, grilled radicchio, and more juicy summer peaches. A perfect meal.I ordered Le Grande Aioli.Laszlo Le Grand Aioli.While this was billed as being a combo of swordfish, prawns and clams, I got mostly squid, one prawn, and an unfortunate piece of salmon. The potatoes were underdone, and the cucumbers diluted the garlicky, delicious aioli. While the prawn and squid were properly cooked, the salmon was mealy. Not great, but as far as memory serves, this is the only “meh” plate of food I’ve ever been served from the FC kitchen.On another recent evening, we enjoyed the burger.Laszlo cheeseburger and fries.Ain’t nothing wrong with that!On a recent Sunday, we decided to finally re-enter the mothership for Foreign Cinema’s renowned brunch.I’d forgotten how thoroughly pleasant it was to walk out onto that rarified, breezy brick courtyard, in the heart of the Mission, with the sun filtering through the billowy awnings … dreamy.Foreign cinema exterior.We split a pork paté and toasted levain, sided by a tangled mound of frilly frisée and sweet baby beets in an astoundingly perfect red wine vinaigrette.Foreign cinema pork pate frisee beets.This is the kind of simple dish that makes my heart sing, and shows you what the kitchen can really do.For my main, I got the duck tostadaDuck tostadaThe duck came tumbled together with persimmon, kale, carrots, cabbage, jicama, baby radishes, crema, and queso fresco, on a puffy flour tortilla – which read more like gorgeous, poofy, Diné (Navajo) fry bread – and a poached egg. Loved the tortilla, but the rest was a bit unfocussed, with no one flavor truly standing out. Too bad, because in concept it’s a gorgeous dish.The BF, the clear winner of the day, had the luscious brisket torta with spicy Gaucho fries.Brisket torta.Yeah, baby.So, yes, Foreign Cinema’s still got it. And of course, there’s the nightly movie that gave the restaurant its moniker. There’s still magic in sitting under the stars and watching an old film projected onto the back wall, amidst the tinkling of plates and glasses. While you might bemoan the preciousness of it all, we’re damned lucky to have one of the most beautiful restaurants in the City in our own backyard.And Laszlo, for all that she’s been tarted up, is still a great place for a drink, top-notch food, and lazy Sunday afternoons.Laszlo / Foreign Cinema2526 Mission Street / 2534 Mission StreetSan Francisco, CA 94110 last_img read more

SIX St Helens youngsters will get the opportunity

first_imgSIX St Helens youngsters will get the opportunity to represent England on Good Friday after England Youth coach Dave Elliott announced his 18-man squad to face France in the first of a two Test series at Grattan Stadium, Bradford (2:30pm).Elliott has also announced the 20-man strong squad that will take on Wales at Caerphilly RFC (2:30pm).Elliott took a 39-man strong squad into camp this week to prepare for the test and he has split the squad to accommodate for the different tests posed by both opponents.“Both squads have a big test coming up on Friday,” said Elliott. “Both games will be tough and present the boys with different types of challenges.“We know the French side will be physical and Wales will put up a big fight as well so this is a fantastic opportunity for these lads to experience what it’s like to play in an international game and give them valuable experience which will help continue their development.“Pulling on the national jersey is one of the greatest moments for a player at any level and we’re delighted to be giving the lads that opportunity this week and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in action.”Lewis Galbraith, Ben Parry, Greg Richards and Andre Savelio have been selected to face France while Kane Ditchfield and Oliver Davies will have the opportunity to wear the national jersey against Wales.England Youth Squad to face France:1 – Curtis Naughton (Bradford Bulls / Shaw Cross Sharks)2 – Arron Lewczenko (Wigan Warriors / Orrell St James)3 – Josh Casey (Bradford Bulls / Siddall ARFC)4 – Lewis Galbraith (St. Helens / Saddleworth Rangers)5 – Ben Parry (St Helens / Chorley Panthers)6 – Ryan Hampshire (Wigan Warriors / Normanton ARLFC)7 – George Williams (Wigan Warriors / Ince Rose Bridge)8 – Michael Learmonth (Leeds Rhinos / Hunslet Warriors)9 – Ryan Maneely (Warrington Wolves / Saddleworth Rangers)10 – Greg Richards (St Helens / Chorley Panthers)11 – Jordan Baldwinson (Leeds Rhinos / Hunslet Warriors)12 – Alex Mellor (Bradford Bulls / Kings Cross Park)13 – William Milner (Warrington Wolves / Kings Cross Park)14 – Scott Lee (Leeds Rhinos / Shaw Cross Sharks)15 – Andre Savelio (St Helens / Latchford Alban)16 – Liam Sutcliffe (Leeds Rhinos / Hunslet Warriors)17 – Bradley Day (Leeds Rhinos / Hunslet Warriors)18 – Alex Abbott-Tavener (Harlequins RL / Elmbridge Eagles)England Youth squad to face Wales:1 – Lewis Tierney (Wigan Warriors / Orrell St James)2 – Jordan Harper (Leeds Rhinos / Normanton Knights)3 – Ali Ibrahim (Hull FC / West Hull)4 – Harry Lightfoot Brown (Harlequins RL / Elmbridge Eagles)5 – Jack Logan (Hull FC / Cottingham Tigers)6 – Ben White (Leeds Rhinos / Saddleworth Rangers)7 – Kyle Dempsey (Wigan Warriors / Ellenborough Rangers)8 – Zak Dewhirst (Warrington Wolves / King Cross Park)9 – Jake Dehal Clark (Castleford Tigers / Shawcross Sharks)10 – Bobby Tyson-Wilson (Hull FC / West Hull)11 – Bradley Lawrence (Wigan Warriors / Ellenborough Rangers)12 – Kane Ditchfield (St. Helens / Crossfields)13 – Jack Anderson (Hull FC / Shawcross Sharks)14 – Joe Keyes (Harlequins RL / Brentwood Elvers)15 – Matthew Marsh (Hull KR / Skirlaugh Bulls)16 – Connor Taylor (Castleford Tigers / Normanton Knights)17 – Ryan Langton (Hull FC / Skirlaugh Bulls)18 – Oliver Davies (St Helens / Orrell St James)19 – Oliver Gildart (Wigan Warriors / Wigan St Patricks)20 – Jake Shorrocks (Wigan Warriors / Wigan St Patricks)Both of England’s games against France on Good Friday, April 22 (2.30pm) and Tuesday April 26 (2.30pm) will be played at Grattan Stadium, Bradford.Tickets are priced at £4 Adult and £2 Concession (Under 16, Students and Over 65) and are available to purchase on the day.The England Youth v Wales under 16s on Good Friday at Caerphilly RFC kicks off at 2.30pm. Admission is just £3 for adults and £1 for concessions.last_img read more

HE may have only been here a couple of months but

first_imgHE may have only been here a couple of months but Anthony Laffranchi knows Saints’ first half performances of late have been ‘out of character’.Saints have been behind at the break in both their opening games this season  – yet responded positively after ‘oranges’.“We were out of character on Friday and didn’t stick to what we have worked at all week,” Boof said. “Half time came at the right time for us and we came out and put a better 40 together.“Royce didn’t say anything different, only that we hadn’t stuck to what we should have.“We did that in the second half and it paid off.”Laffranchi signed from Gold Coast Titans last season and has played in both the London and Salford matches.He continued: “As we head into the Hull KR game we know we can build on that back 40 and set the standard. It was good to get across the line [score against Salford] and especially get one in the first game. It was a special occasion. The venue is out there compared to what I have played with a home and I hope we can tick over the wins for our fans.“We aren’t getting ahead of ourselves though. We are two from two, but we have been below par.“Our starts haven’t been good and we are only reasonably happy with our second halves. We know we can improve and that starts this week at Hull KR.”last_img read more

THERES just 500 days to go until the start of Rug

first_imgTHERE’S just 500 days to go until the start of Rugby League World Cup 2013 which kicks off with a fantastic double-header at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.Host nation England are currently preparing for a two-game series against the Exiles.Captain Jamie Peacock, talking from the squad’s training camp in Loughborough, said: “These games against the Exiles mark the start of our preparations for RLWC2013. Knowing we have just 500 days before we face Australia in Cardiff puts that into sharp perspective for us. All the players here want to be in that squad next October and will be working hard for the next 16 months”.Iestyn Harris, coach of co-hosts Wales, also in camp preparing for a fixture with France said “The opening fixture of RLWC2013 when Wales play Italy in the Millennium Stadium will be the biggest game this group of players has ever played. When you think of it that way 500 days doesn’t sound very far away.”500 days to go also marks the launch of the RLWC2013 volunteer recruitment programme. RLWC2013 are looking for 500 volunteers to work across the tournament in various disciplines, in all of the host communities.RWLC2013 General Manager Sally Bolton said: “We are looking for 500 enthusiastic members of our host communities to support the event as volunteers. With the 500 in 500 programme, we’re offering the chance to be involved in a ‘hands-on’ way in what we believe will be the best Rugby League tournament there has ever been.“Volunteering is now a major part of any big international sports event and this will be a win-win for us and the lucky 500 people who are chosen to represent RLWC2013. We will provide top level opportunities to be involved at some great games like the opening matches at the Millennium Stadium, all the way through to the final at Old Trafford.”Anyone interested in volunteering should visit the RLWC2013 website for details of how to apply.RLWC2013 kicks off in Cardiff on October 26 2013 when host nations Wales and England take on Italy and Australia respectively.14 nations then go head to head in three groups for a place in the semi-finals double-header in the spectacular setting of Wembley Stadium in London.The tournament also visits France and Ireland.The Rugby League World Cup 2013 will involve 14 nations, Australia, Cook Islands, England, Fiji, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea, Samoa, Scotland, Tonga, USA and Wales.The competition’s structure will consist of two groups of four, with England drawn alongside arch rivals Australia, Fiji and Ireland in Group A.World Cup holders New Zealand will face Pacific Island rivals Papua New Guinea, Samoa and France in Group B. Scotland will face Tonga and Italy in Group C and joint hosts Wales have been drawn against the Cook Islands and the USA in Group D.last_img read more

Man wanted for allegedly breaking into businesses at The Pointe at Barclay

first_imgWILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are searching for a man who they say broke into and stole money from four business in The Pointe at Barclay last week.Officers say the suspect broke into Duck Donuts, Tavern on 17th, Grand Nails Salon and Pizzeria Il Forno during the early morning hours of Jan. 29. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of cash from each business.- Advertisement – Police add businesses city-wide should take preventative measures, such as installing video surveillance, using an audible alarm, emptying cash registers and leaving lights on, to help keep from being targeted.Anyone with information is asked to contact WPD at 910-343-3600 or use Text A Tip.last_img read more

Woman arrested for being inside NHRMC I did not go in there

first_img The Archdale woman is accused of going to the hospital check-in desk on April 5, but was denied entry. She says she was there to give Bibles to new mothers.Betty H. Cameron Women and Children’s Hospital Administrator Barbara Buechler says Everett was spotted inside the patient care areas without permission.“She did make it past the front lobby,” Buechler said.Related Article: Wilmington woman arrested in beating of former bossBuechler says the only was she could have gotten inside was by “tailgating.”“It’s really one of the big reasons why we have the redundant systems in place. So if I have a badge and someone is behind me and I walk in the door and the next person comes in with me, even though they don’t have a badge, now they’ve accessed the unit,” Buechler said.The hospital says Everett was not close to the neonatal intensive care unit, and she was escorted out of the hospital.But Everett says she was there to hand out Bibles to the new babies. Everette says a nurse took her to a couple of rooms to hand out Bibles, even stopping at the room of a mother whose baby had died.“The nurse knocked on the door, asked if I could come in if they wanted company, and they said that was fine, and I gave her a Bible. She hugged me. She cried,” Everett said.The hospital says Everett did not get to the neo-natal intensive care unit because of their security measures in place, even if some think they’re inconvenient.“Support the security measures at the hospital to understand that we don’t do them to interfere with their joy or to make them more anxious, but really it’s about the security of our patients,” Buechler said.Everett says once a flier appeared online saying she was wanted for abducting babies, she began receiving threats.“I tried to kill myself because I couldn’t take it. I know I didn’t do it,” Everett said. “All I was doing was giving a gift to someone, and to me that is no crime.”Everette is charged with three counts of breaking and entering and larceny. She is scheduled to appear in court in New Hanover County on May 21.Even though Everett says she went to hand out Bibles, the arrest warrant says she’s charged with larceny because she stole religious items from the gift shop at the hospital. WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The woman believed to be going around to hospitals across the Carolinas to abduct a baby is speaking out, after she was arrested for being inside the Betty H. Cameron Women and Children’s Hospital in Wilmington without permission.“Yes, I did go to the hospital. I’ve done it many times, but not to kidnap a child,” Linda Mae Everett said.- Advertisement – last_img read more

Major flooding reported at several New Hanover schools no word on opening

first_img– Advertisement – WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As the process of damage assessments begin after Hurricane Florence, New Hanover County Schools will remain closed for all students and the majority of staff for the week of September 17.Only staff specifically contacted by their supervisors to come in should report if and when it is safe to do so. School districts and other organizations from across the country have generously offered to assist by donating items that our students will need.Coordination of these donations will be conducted through the school’s Central Office. More available on that should be available next week. School bus (Photo: WWAY)center_img Several schools experienced major flooding and other issues which are currently being assessed.The superintendent and senior leaders will decide later this week about when the schools can safely reopen for staff and students. Many employees and their families are still evacuated and have been unable to return to their homes at this time.There are access issues with numerous schools due to minor flooding and debris. So far, preliminary damage assessments have been made at about 60% of the schools, while some schools are currently inaccessible due to damaged roads and fallen trees.Assessments will be ongoing throughout today and tomorrow as roadways are cleared. Here is some preliminary information:last_img read more