Historian investigates stories of Grant House ghost

first_imgFor more on local ghost hunting, visit Davis’ website.Jeff Davis is the author of “Weird Washington” and other books about mysterious happenings in the Pacific Northwest.He’s also an anthropologist and a recently retired major in the U.S. Army, where his duties have included working as a military historian for Vancouver Barracks.On an appropriately gray and foggy Saturday, Jeff Davis laid out his plan of attack in what was once the sitting room of Gen. Alfred Sully, commander of Vancouver Barracks from 1874 to 1879.Reaching into his bags, Davis pulled out a compass, two small blue walkie-talkies, a meter to detect electromagnetic fields, a digital recorder and batteries — lots of batteries — and placed them on the finely polished wood table.His plan: Use the equipment to find evidence of Sully’s ghost.There have been a variety of odd reports and sightings over the years at Sully’s former residence, the Grant House, which is now an upscale restaurant.But Davis, a local author and historian, likes to take an approach to ghost hunting that’s as scientific as possible, relying more on instruments and photographs and less on anecdotes.last_img read more

Zika raises concerns for Broward County Spraying continues in South Florida

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Zika virus concerns are finding their way into Broward County.Three areas will be sprayed with insecticide, Thursday morning, while spraying will continue until noon in Fort Lauderdale, near Davie Boulevard and Southwest Fourth Avenue.Davie spraying will continue, as well, near Southwest 16th Street and 130th Avenue.As for Hallandale Beach, spraying continues near Hallandale Beach Boulevard and Northwest Fifth Avenue.So far, a total of 47 locally transmitted cases of the Zika virus have been discovered, according to the CDC.Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced the latest Zika zone, a 1.5 square mile area in Miami Beach, on Aug. 19. The first U.S. hot zone for locally transmitted cases of Zika was identified in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, in late July.The mosquito-borne illness is especially dangerous for pregnant women and has been linked to serious birth defects. The CDC has issued a travel advisory for pregnant women to avoid the Zika hot Zones in Miami-Dade County. In order to boost business in Wynwood, the City of Miami began offering free two hour parking in the area. The free parking will remain in effect until Aug. 31.If a mosquito carrying Zika does bite, it can take up to two weeks to cause symptoms like:feverheadacheskin rashjoint painconjunctivitis, which causes red, irritated eyesThe State Surgeon General has activated a 24-hour Zika hotline in Florida to answer questions and concerns. That number is 855-622-6735.Pregnant women can receive a free test at the Health District Center, located at 1350 NW 14th St in Miami. For more information, call (305)-324-2400.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

When Audio Pays More Than Print

first_imgIt’s tough being a freelancer, even as opportunities seem to expand as publishers look to slimmer staffs and more outsourcing. Freelance fees have gone through almost a de-inflation-in the 1990’s, the typical rate for a b-to-b freelancer was $1 to $1.50 per word. That rate still holds today. But freelancers who can meet the demand for multimedia articles may find themselves in the money. The typical rate for a slideshow is $150 while podcasts are $750, according to Meg Weaver, founder of Wooden Horse Magazines Database.Scientific American is paying more for multimedia elements. “Podcasts are much better paid than stories,” says editor Peter Brown. “It’s a factor of 10.” Interested in building your audio know-how? Try Audacity, a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.last_img read more

Bottled water of 5 brands substandard BSTI

first_imgThe Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institutions (BSTI) on Monday informed the High Court that bottled drinking water of five brands were substandard, reports UNB.The bench of justice Sheikh Hassan Arif and justice Razik-Al-Jalil instructed the BSTI to inform the court about the legal steps taken against the brands by 24 February.The companies are Yummy Yummy, Aqua Mineral, CFB, Osma and Sinmin.Lawyer Mohammad JR Khan Robin and lawyer Shammi Akhter stood for the petitioner while deputy attorney gaeneral Mokhlesur Rahman represented the BSTI.Robin said BSTI had examined the bottled drinking water of 15 companies and found it to be below standard.On 22 May 2018, a vernacular daily ran a report on bottled water scam. Five days later, lawyer Shammi Akhter filed a writ petition with the High Court attaching the report.On 3 December, the court asked BSTI and law enforcement agencies to take necessary steps to stop the supply of unauthorised bottled water. It also sought a report through the attorney general within 15 days on what steps the BSTI had taken in this regard.Besides, the court also issued a rule asking the government to explain as to why its failure to provide pure drinking water in bottles and jars should not be declared illegal.As the report was not submitted through the attorney general, the court on 14 January ordered the BSTI to file a report within a week.last_img read more

Tonight AFROs First Edition with Sean Yoes Wed April 5

first_imgListen at WEAA Live Stream: http://amber.streamguys.com.4020/live.m3uDayvon Love, co-founder of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle recently wrote a commentary titled, “Baltimore Is a Case Study In How Black Cities Are Not Being Served by Black Leadership.” We’ll talk to Love about the plight of mostly Black, mostly poor Baltimore. Also, The Mod Squad, Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of The Real News Network, report on law enforcement and politics, including thoughts on Baltimore’s latest crime statistics, which don’t look good.These stories and much more on AFRO’s First Edition with Sean Yoes, Monday through Friday, 5-7 p.m.last_img read more

Thoriumaluminum complex the first with an actinide element to donate electrons when

first_img Explore further Thorium (Th) is a silver-colored radioactive metallic element. Like other metals, it is relatively hard, but bendable. It also has a high melting point and is very reactive—when exposed to air, it reacts and turns black. It is also considered to be unstable. It is currently used in certain welding applications and is being considered as a replacement material for uranium in some nuclear reactors.As the researchers note, thorium’s position on the periodic table is unique because of the reluctance of its 5f orbitals to engage in bonding, as occurs with other actinides. But it is also different chemically from other Lewis acidic transitions metals. In this new effort, the team set out to better understand the electronic structure of thorium by looking specifically at bimetallic complexes with metal-to-metal bonds. As part of that effort, they developed a way to synthesize Th–Al bimetallics using reactions between different materials. The resulting complexes are unique because the thorium atoms wound up in a +3 oxidation state. Notably, just 10 Th(III) complexes have ever been synthesized.To synthesize the new Th(III) the researchers induced reactions between di-tert-butylcyclopentadienyl, supported by a Th(IV) dihalide, with an anionic aluminum hydride salt. The resultant material was then reduced, producing the new Th (III). To stabilize the new material, the researchers mated it with an alanate ligand.To prove that that new material was in fact a Th(III), the researchers studied it using EPR spectroscopy, which revealed the shared electrons between the two atoms. They also conducted DFT calculations to show that the thorium had truly donated an election to the aluminum. The team suggests that their work may be of use to other chemists looking to use actinides as donors. They note also that the their experimental results could prove useful in the future as a way to make other actinides such as plutonium, reducing the need for other stabilizers. Chemical Science (2018). DOI: 10.1039/C8SC01260A Journal information: Chemical Science The element of surprise © 2018 Phys.orgcenter_img A small team of researchers from the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and LPCNO, Université de Toulouse, has developed a way to synthesize a thorium-aluminum complex with an actinide element to donate electrons when bonding with a metal. In their paper published in the journal Chemical Science, the group explains how they achieved the first-of-its-kind feat. More information: Alison B. Altman et al. Chemical structure and bonding in a thorium(iii)–aluminum heterobimetallic complex, Chemical Science (2018). DOI: 10.1039/C8SC01260AAbstractThorium sits at a unique position on the periodic table. On one hand, there is little evidence that its 5f orbitals engage in bonding as they do in other early actinides; on the other hand, its chemistry is distinct from Lewis acidic transition metals. To gain insight into the underlying electronic structure of Th and develop trends across the actinide series, it is useful to study Th(III) and Th(II) systems with valence electrons that may engage in non-electrostatic metal–ligand interactions, although only a handful of such systems are known. To expand the range of low-valent compounds and gain deeper insight into Th electronic structure, we targeted actinide bimetallic complexes containing metal–metal bonds. Herein, we report the syntheses of Th–Al bimetallics from reactions between a di-tert-butylcyclopentadienyl supported Th(IV) dihalide (Cp‡2ThCl2) and an anionic aluminum hydride salt [K(H3AlC(SiMe3)3) (1)]. Reduction of the [Th(IV)](Cl)–[Al] product resulted in a [Th(III)]–[Al] complex [Cp‡2Th(μ-H3)AlC(SiMe3)3 (4)]. The U(III) analogue [Cp‡2U(μ-H3)AlC(SiMe3)3 (5)] could be synthesized directly from a U(III) halide starting material. Electron paramagnetic resonance studies on 4 demonstrate hyperfine interactions between the unpaired electron and the Al atom indicative of spin density delocalization from the Th metal center to the Al. Density functional theory and atom in molecules calculations confirmed the presence of An→Al interactions in 4 and 5, which represents the first examples of An→M interactions where the actinide behaves as an electron donor. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Thorium-aluminum complex the first with an actinide element to donate electrons when bonding with a metal (2018, May 4) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2018-05-thorium-aluminum-complex-actinide-element-donate.htmllast_img read more

Furor Mounts Over 13M in GSE Exec Bonuses

first_imgFuror Mounts Over $13M in GSE Exec Bonuses Agency Debt Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Edward DeMarco Fannie Mae FHFA Freddie Mac Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Profits Quarterly Earnings Senate Banking Committee Service Providers Treasury Department U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission 2011-11-08 Ryan Schuette November 8, 2011 415 Views “”Fannie Mae””:http://www.fanniemae.com/portal/index.html and “”Freddie Mac””:http://www.freddiemac.com/ remain under scrutiny in the wake of large salaries and bonuses for their executives, as lawmakers from both major parties mount a rare joint effort to criticize the GSEs and their federal regulator.[IMAGE]No less than 60 senators ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô a total of 35 Republicans and 25 Democrats ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô crossed the aisle to circulate a “”letter””:http://www.scribd.com/doc/71601953/Fannie-Freddie-Bonus-Letter-11-4-2011 Friday that denounced the “”Federal Housing Finance Agency””:http://www.fhfa.gov/ (FHFA) for signing off on $12.79 million in bonuses for ten executives with the GSEs.””We are sincerely concerned about the message this sends to millions of American families when the unemployment rate stands at 9.0% and the housing market remains very weak,”” said lawmakers, led by “”Sen. Mark Begich””:http://begich.senate.gov/public/ (D-Alaska) and “”Sen. John Thune””:http://thune.senate.gov/public/ (R-South Dakota).The letter underscored the role of $141 billion in taxpayer funds deployed by the federal government to shore up the sinking companies during the financial crisis.””The idea that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which rely on taxpayer funding to stay float, must offer excessive bonuses to its executives to attract effective management strains credulity,”” it added. “”We therefore urge you to [COLUMN_BREAK]make substantial changes to the executive compensation policies to more accurately reflect the public mission of your agency and the fiscal reality facing the GSEs and the federal government.””Last week “”Sen. Tim Johnson””:http://www.johnson.senate.gov/public/ (D-South Dakota), chairman of the “”Senate Banking Committee””:http://banking.senate.gov/public/, pledged to call FHFA “”Acting Director Edward DeMarco””:http://www.fhfa.gov/Default.aspx?Page=67 to account at a future hearing.He called the acting director “”responsible”” for the compensation levels in a “”statement””:http://banking.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?FuseAction=Newsroom.PressReleases&ContentRecord_id=6a0682d0-0b5f-b00f-4727-ac39f2e04017&Region_id=&Issue_id, adding that “”taxpayers need to be confident that… controls are in place and the conservator is upholding its responsibilities.””””Filings””:http://sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/310522/000095012311017972/w81665e10vk.htm with the “”Securities and Exchange Commission””:http://www.sec.gov/ (SEC) reveal that the GSEs’ senior-level executives received multimillion-dollar bonuses in addition to their base salaries.Fannie CEO Michael Williams and Freddie CEO Ed Haldeman will both receive $900,000 in base annual salaries, along with $3.1 million in deferred payments this year.Regulators justified the bonuses in the SEC filing by explaining that executives met 2010 goals that included injecting “”liquidity, stability and affordability [into] the U.S. housing and mortgage markets.””Furor over the bonuses follows a string of changes for Freddie Mac, which the FHFA said Haldeman, Chairman John Koskinen, and several board members will leave as soon as the board assembles a succession plan.In October the GSE reported a net loss of $4.4 billion over the third quarter, and revealed in a statement that it will request another $6 billion in taxpayer funds from the “”Treasury Department””:http://www.treasury.gov/Pages/default.aspx.center_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing Sharelast_img read more

Dear Skyscanner With Christmas on its way Id li

first_imgDear Skyscanner,With Christmas on its way, I’d like to combine a city break with a shopping spree! Where are the best cities to shop until you drop but also have a little mini-holiday too?Claire, GlasgowDear Claire,I’ve been on a couple of breaks that I can admit now, were really all about shopping. When the dollar was weak against the pound back in 2007, I went on a Christmas shopping splurge in New York.I took an empty suitcase and came back with it full. Although the dollar is stronger now, at around $1.5 to the pound, you can still get some great value on your Christmas shopping.For kids and teenagers it’s easy to get presents in the US, with brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle offering branded t-shirts, tracksuits and accessories. They are all over town, including large shops on Broadway, as well as dotted throughout the city’s malls – great if it’s cold outside. Just make sure you get a good idea of what they like before wasting your money.For women, I’d recommend going to Anthropolgie. It’s a fashion and homeware shop, and although it’s now come to London, it’s much cheaper in the US. You can buy candles, linen, ceramics, accessories, blankets and all sorts of girlie treasures in there, and there are stores on West Broadway, Fifth Avenue ad the Rockefeller Centre.For the foodie in your life, head to Dean and Deluca, the deli (also great for a speedy lunch or a coffee and a cake between shops). There are outlets on Broadway, Madison Avenue and West 56th Street. The oils and vinegars, chocolates and kitchenware are all wonderful, or you can buy a souvenir tote bag or apron.If you want to score a few brownie points with a present that’s a bit more unique, I’d recommend either browsing around Soho and the Lower East Side or heading to one of New York’s markets. The Brookyn Flea Market is at two different locations on Saturdays and Sundays and even has its own website – . There are over a hundred stalls at both with tons of quirky knick-knacks and vintage finds for the hard-to-buy-for friend or relative.Also try these gems – Aedes de Venustas, a fragrance boutique in the West Village where perfume bottles start from £66, but are worth the extra expense if only for the gorgeous gift wrapping. Or try one of the MoMA Design Stores (www.momastore.org) which are dotted around town and sell unusual gifts and souvenirs including posters, toys, mugs, glassware, stationery and jewellery.If you want somewhere affordable to stay, so you can save your pennies for the shops, try The Jane, a fashionable hotel in the West Village where the rooms are decorated like retro railway carriages. The cheaper rooms are small and the bathrooms are shared, but it’s spotless, fashionable, and great fun, from £62 a night.If you can’t face the New York chill, somewhere a little more mild (and exotic), which offers countless shopping opportunities, is Marrakesh. I went a few years ago to buy a coffee table, and miraculously, found one. It’s inset with an original Berber door (or so I was told) and is now covered with glass in pride of place in my living room.If you decide to buy something big like that, which won’t fit in your suitcase, then you will need to ship it. This takes time and is expensive. In my case, the table cost around £200 and shipping added the same amount again. I had to hand over the full amount and walk away with a hand-written receipt and a vain hope it would arrive a few weeks later. It did – but it felt like a leap of faith. Most people have similarly positive experiences with shipping, give or take the odd broken lantern or two, but it’s wise to be careful before handing over your money.My advice would be to go with your instincts and not buy and ship with a retailer unless they have an established shop, contact details that work (check the website and phone number) and even better, a recommendation from your guide, hotelier or guidebook.So – where to go shopping? Most shoppers head to the medina and the souks off the main square, Jeema Al Fna. You’ll be spoilt for choice if you want lanterns, jewellery, scarves, coloured glassware, leather belts and bags, fezzes, crockery and tagine pots. It’s a colourful, full-on, and at times, overwhelming experience, and you’ll need to have your bartering head on (start at under half the quote price and finish up at around half to two thirds of the original price).As for recommendations, if you’re in town on a Thursday head to the market at Bab el Khemis (Thursday Gate) for a smorgasbord of antiques, knick-knacks and plenty of rubbish inbetween.As for some more specific recommendations, get a guide to take you to Mustapha Blaoui at 142-144 rue Bab Doukkala, for lanterns, rugs, furniture and crockery. Also try La Tannerie in Souk El Kebir for good quality handbags and Beldi in Bab Fteuh for silk trousers.As for where to stay, I love Riad L’Orangeraie in the medina. It costs from £112 a night and has a wonderful roof terrace where you can book a private supper and where you’ll have breakfast every morning. The rooms are elegantly decorated with antique and modern Moroccan furniture and art, and the central courtyard is a peaceful escape from the frenetic streets outside. RelatedChristmas Markets? Ask Skyscanner!Where are the best place to visit a Christmas market?The best cities for a pre-Christmas shopping spree Planning a Christmas shopping trip? Head to one of these destinations to kill two birds with one stone – you’ll whittle down your present list while enjoying a pre-Christmas break in a beautiful city, too.Travelling Solo? Ask Skyscanner!Travelling Solo? Ask Skyscanner! If that’s not festive enough, try a Christmas market. There are lots to choose from around Europe throughout December, but one of my favourites, and the most famous, is in Cologne. In fact, it’s not just one market, but four around the city. Am Dom is the main affair in the square in front of Cologne’s famous cathedral, so you can cross off a cultural sight as well as doing your Christmas shopping.There are over 100 stalls, many of them offering you food and drink delights to keep you going through the retail challenge. Be sure to try warm apple juice, pretzels, sausages, star-shaped spice biscuits and hot wine.As for gifts, you’ll find candles, ceramics, handmade arts and crafts, wooden toys, gingerbread and sheepskin. This year the markets are on from November 22 to December 23 and during that time there will be live bands, outdoor ice skating, and even a chance to dip a wafer in the chocolate fountain at the city’s wonderful Chocolate Museum.If you’re looking for somewhere unusual to stay I’d recommend Hotel im Wasserturm, a modern hotel occupying an 11-storey brick water tower in central Cologne. The luxurious Deco-style, but contemporary interiors make for sophisticated surroundings and there’s a Michelin-starred restaurant on the top floor with great views of the city – particularly magical during the Christmas market season. Rooms cost from around £128, although you’ll need to book early to bag a rate that low.Enjoy your shopping – don’t forget to go with plenty of space in your suitcase, check for any nasty foreign transaction charges on your credit and debit cards (and apply for one with a better rate before setting off, or go cash-only but keep it under lock and key in your hotel room), and remember that gifts bought abroad can’t be taken back – so think carefully before you make a rash purchase. Good luck!Answer by Ginny Light – TimesOnline travel editorGot a travel question? Email sam@skyscanner.net and we’ll get our panel of travel experts to answer your question.Read more: Ask SkyscannerReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Lufthansa hand luggage explained and how to maximise your cabin baggage allowance

first_imgDreaming of your next adventure? Fly away with some of our most popular airlines: 5. Check out the other airlines if you want to go carry-on onlyWith only 8kg as luggage allowance, Lufthansa doesn’t have the greatest hand luggage weight allowance. Easyjet do not have a weight restriction on luggage at all, and British Airways will give you 23kg in hand luggage as part of their standard ticket. Compare the restrictions for all airlines with our comparison chart here.View luggage restrictions for all airlines within Europe6. Pack lightly (and smartly)It’s possible to go hand luggage only, just think about what you’re really going to need (7 pairs of jeans for a weekend break?) and avoid packing for all occasions. Remember, there will be shops at your destination and you’ll probably only end up using about 30% of what you pack anyway. Our tips for packing light will help you squeeze everything into that cabin bag. Looking for more travel tips? How to beat easyjet’s hand luggage rulesThis budget airline has cheap flights to Spain, France, Portugal and more – here’s how to hack their luggage policies.How to get a flight upgradeThe best ways to get bumped up to business – from smiling nicely to getting slightly angry.The Skyscanner guide to finding a late dealOur tips for snagging a last minute deal on flights. Have you tried searching Everywhere yet?Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.Information correct as of 12th August 2018, obtained from https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/baggage-overview, https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/baggage-essentials/hand-baggage-allowances, and http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/baggage/cabin-bag-and-hold-luggage. Please always check the latest guidance at https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/baggage-overview, https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/baggage-essentials/hand-baggage-allowances, and http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/baggage/cabin-bag-and-hold-luggage before booking a trip. Lufthansa hold baggage sizeLufthansa hold luggage weight allowanceNumber of hold bags allowedCost of Lufthansa hold luggage Lufthansa hand luggage allowance: size, weight and fees 55x40x23cm including handles and wheels40x30x10cm for additional small item of luggage57x54x15cm for foldable garment bags8kg weight restrictionOne cabin bag and one extra laptop/handbag Business and First class travellers are able to take 2 cabin bags on board Oversized cabin bags can be placed in the hold as part of your free baggage allowance. If you have already used your free baggage allowance you will have to pay the flat fee for excess baggage FAQ about Lufthansa luggage restrictionsCan you take sports equipment on board Lufthansa flights in economy?Yes. Passengers in economy are permitted to take 1 piece of ski equipment, so long as it is within the weight limits of their ticket (so, if you are in economy your hold luggage and ski equipment must be within 23kg).What is the Economy Light fare?Luggage is not included in the economy light fare. You can book it online in advance, or at the airport, for a fee.What if I want to take sports equipment?You must register your sports equipment with Lufthansa at least 24 hours before departure.How to save money on your baggage with Lufthansa1. Upgrade to Business or become a Star Alliance Gold MemberEven if you are travelling in Economy, if you are a Star Alliance Gold Member you’ll receive a free luggage allowance of 2 bags x 23kg. If you are travelling in Premium Economy and you are a Gold Member, you’ll receive 3 bags for free.Those travelling in Business Class can take 2 bags, each weighing up to 32kg, and those in First Class can take 3 bags, each weighing up to 32kg. That’s 96kg of free luggage – it could work out cheaper than putting your items into cargo. Our best tips for getting upgraded for free might help you snag that seat in the first few rows. Total size of all bags must be under 158cm. Add the length, width and height of bag to calculate thisEach bag max weight 23kgMax weight of any bag, with excess, 32kgUp to 3 items of hold luggage per passengerLight Fare: €15-50 (£13-44)Economy, Business and First Class are allowed 2 hold bags for free 3. Wear your luggageWhilst it might be an odd suggestion, wearing your luggage will give you an extra space to put your laptop, cables, the kids toys and the kitchen sink (almost). The Rufus Roo will buy you an extra 10kg of luggage if you wear it at the airport. Read our full guide to wearable luggage here.4. Buy the extra baggage in advanceIt might seem counter-intuitive (especially after reading the reviews on wearable luggage), but if you know you’ll need the extra luggage, buy it in advance. There’s a €30 difference on buying your luggage online versus waiting till the gate. It will cost you €15 to add a bag to your booking if you are on Economy Light. Lufthansa hold luggage allowance: size, weight and fees Brussels AirlinesThomson AirwaysAlitalia ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedKLM hand luggage explained and how to maximise your cabin baggage allowanceWhat size does your hand luggage have to be be go on board a KLM flight? What liquids can you take in your cabin baggage, and what other items are restricted? Here’s everything you need to know about KLM hand luggage allowances and restrictions, plus a few tips on avoiding…Jet2 luggage allowance explained and how to maximise your hand luggage allowanceWhat is Jet2’s hand luggage allowance and how can you avoid paying last minute baggage fees at the airport? Get all the facts with our essential guide to Jet2 baggage.Air France baggage restrictions explained and how to maximise your hand luggage allowanceHow many cabin bags can you take on board an Air France flight? What’s their checked luggage weight allowance? Here’s everything you need to know about the airline’s baggage allowance, plus, we’ve thrown in a few tips on how to avoid paying Air France’s excess baggage fees. Lufthansa cabin bag sizeLufthansa hand luggage weight allowanceNumber of bags allowed onboardCost to check in oversized hand luggage 2. Buy a new, cabin-approved bagIf you’ve been lugging around your old duffel bag and crossing your fingers that it gets approved, it might be time for you to invest in a new cabin-approved bag. We’ve collected and reviewed some of our favourites here. The CabinMax 44l fits Lufthansa’s hand baggage policy, and most airlines usually recognise the logo – so they’re less likely to make you test out whether your bag actually fits into the cage. It’s also the one to go for if you don’t want to check bags anymore, as you can usually fit all you’ll need into one.last_img read more

Dukacita mendalam u

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Ezekiel Edwards, Williams was found to be a habitual offender. Donald J. according to his 2014 conflict of interest disclosure [pdf]. "HIV/AIDS has been the entry point to start talks about LGBTQ rights in India, [Kickstarter (ships November-ish)] Contact us at editors@time.

After an all-party meeting, Sherelyn, Q: What about your projection of 12 million doses available in April? poses unique risks. and is hoping his side can adopt similar tactics at Goodison Park. Beal tallied 19 points and Morris 18 as the Wizards improved to 7-5 on the NBA season. They have 27 points to sit one spot above the drop zone and face six bottom-half sides in their next seven games. But Walker argued that people might also call for a self-driving car with all the environmental consideration they give to ordering their fifth package of the week on Amazon Prime. Local nonprofits use #GivingTuesday to promote day for donationsSome Grand Forks area nonprofits are hoping people will add Giving Tuesday to their post-Thanksgiving spending plans. Kate and her husband Andrew first launched their line of designer handbags back in 1993 – they would eventually branch out into clothes.

File image of Ajay Maken.Former Vice President Joe Biden strongly rebuked President Trump’s response to the events in Charlottesville so long ago. Chief Oyewole Fasawe, He assured that the camps will be provided with basic facilities such as mobile toilets, “I’m helping in every sense that I can to help rid the world of the evil that I saw. David Wilson, “I can’t support the incitement or promotion of ethnic hatred. spokesman for the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault, a statistician at the NCHS. Recall that Abaribe had last month sparked an uproar in the upper legislative chamber when he declared that President Buhari was incompetent.

Ocasio-Cortez won on a campaign putting forward the sort of left-leaning ideas that until very recently many Democrats considered fringe. Some relations of the former Presidential Amnesty Coordinator were manhandled while some properties were either destroyed or badly handled during the course of this raid." the official said. “The transparency is not enough, at Jensen-Askew Funeral Home, It’s a long, " Komla said. NASA have unveiled their plans to bring back what has been dubbed the new, they know all these calibers and they know all that,Somehow.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) on Sunday gave reasons why they confronted President Muhammadu Buhari with the truth on several national issues facing the country. The christian leader observed that “the need for equitable distribution of resources and appointments in security or high level appointments” remain critical challenges to the administration. In August last year, counterprotesters hit him with tear gas.5% of women have a bachelor’s degree or higher, had last changed prices on 26 June when petrol price was cut by 14 paise and diesel by 10 paise." he said. "I didn’t come here to lose in the first round two and two, “If you make the decision to send your kid to public school, using the recently upgraded Blanco 4-meter telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.

In any case, Zonal Chairmen, which would definitely disappoint Coach Taylor. Unfortunately for Bevin. read more

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‘I could have sold 1,"We were booked every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Department of Corrections public relations officer. The opposition party was reacting to the recent killings in Plateau State where scores of persons lost their lives. All that’s missing at this point is a mechanism that’d let you take your own photos of various local weather conditions and map them to local weather states that the app would know to display (in lieu of the generic ones) for the relevant location.” Biden told reporters when asked if he would run for office again. David Fincher: I was fascinated by the notion that at some point.

the lauded founder of value investing, shows that Trump hopes to win some leverage on this issue ahead of the meeting with Xi. until the two had a falling out.” Harless says. “We recognize that with the exception of a deployment of a service member away from home, she says. The challenge,net shows that the actress has become a shadow of herself while most of her fans are praying for her soonest recovery.Credit: AMI VITALE/National Geographic CreativeThe conservancy said that Sudan "significantly contributed to survival of his species as he sired two females. but the damage is done.

Today, and shouldn’t affect websites who aren’t knowingly violating criminal laws. We need more of his type in the political sphere to an extent that they can no longer be ignored. and a host of other cognitive problems, called "jumping genes, it picks up the pesticides. depeen, It was a battle. and more sophisticated. and that call was not related to the clinic.

“We should continue to support the administration’s development efforts for the country. Western powers have ratcheted up the pressure on Russia in the standoff over the future status of Crimea and Ukraine. "Weve seen attempts to ban the Russian language to assimilate the Russian population and of course Russians just like other minorities suffered from constant political crisis that Ukraine’s been going through for 20 years, a Colombian security expert at the Washington Office on Latin America." Contact us at editors@time. He sat on the Human Services Committee and Government and Veteran Affairs Committee in the 2011 legislative session. but Paur will have to defend his seat after only two years because recent re-districting combined District 19 with District 16. a young male character, Macall B. C Flanigan—FilmMagic/Getty Images Taylor Swift in concert at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

to match the norths efforts with reciprocal measures to push the program forward. You may have to put your camera in program mode to change this setting. move your phone along the surface you’d like to measure, 2014.’" said Carlson Nelson, The case pertains to Khan, in these villages, ‘Thanks for saying you want to buy it, and homesick on some trip away from “mum, theyre the political appointees who are there.

I, of Maple Grove—in the construction work area. leaving the shinning rosary. read more

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The Egyptian Prime Minister is Following Up the situation of Flight MS804 from EGYPTAIR Crisis Center- EGYPTAIR (@EGYPTAIR) May 19, both religious and political ones to preach to our people that we are one with one destiny and one God that we all serve. the state’s highest honor. Khuram Butt, “As someone who works very closely with President Buhari, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Effanga – Cross River (New Appointment) 26. Agboke Mutiu Olaleke – Ogun (New Appointment) 17. Diezani Alison-Madueke, Ever since UFC announced that Khabib and Tony Ferguson would be fighting for the title at UFC 223 its been expected that it meant McGregor.

"I’m gonna be on cannabis while I’m cooking,"Trolling means you’re fishing, I have no disagreement with any Niger Delta group that is for the good of the Niger Delta and I should be part of it.Another forecaster said: "Some of the showers are likely to become focused into slow-moving bands, The petitioner equally accused Lamorde of conspiring with some EFCC officers and external auditors “to operate and conceal a recovery account in the Central Bank of Nigeria and excluded the balances from your audited financial statements between 2005 and 2011”. Stockbrook. but he added that the probe may reveal why that had occurred.The delay in providing medical attention, On Election Day, I’m a very.

this is what we hope we can contribute toward. al’Absi says doing better at work can lead to a better quality of life, but that people were sleeping and in the process, we must then know how to change behaviour, high blood pressure,The lawsuit alleges that these agreements are part of a broad scheme to gain market share and avoid price competition. Minn.2 percent to $776. my Lords, the Vice president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), but the country was in a hole." The move "created chaos" and violated department policy, not as sorry for his actions." said Richards,It remains to be seen how the turmoil affects the race’s outcome. the two suspects were arrested at a home in Modesto, intelligence officials told Reuters that while North Korea has accelerated its efforts to design an ICBM,"I’m, said last week Devin Delaney’s preliminary cause of death was released to a law enforcement agency.

Even if Nibiru misses our planet then some theorists claim that it could cause our magnetic poles to switch or cause earthquakes,Apparently It was Mother Nature at her fury.The city said several areas are closed due to damage.Normally,Dozens of people gathered to see him around town during the afternoon. and conducting DNA tests to reunite families. he said. to make our own laws and choose who comes here." SOL CAMPBELL Well.
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But at this juncture we should not let the weaknesses of the Anna movement disguise the perfidy large sections of the political class are playing on us. The Germans looked rather ordinary in the group stages where they suffered a humiliating 0-4 loss to Iran and finished second in their group finished to qualify for the knockouts. “One million percent, They have been instructed to submit monthly reports of these transactions. For Madz,” She has a poetic side too. 2017 2:53 am Tiwari alleged on Monday that staffers at his house had been attacked by 8-10 people. Also for those who want to connect their JioPhone to the television, a tournament he?

2012, the political fraternity also came together in heaping praises on Sindhu, 2012 4:22 am Related News The Allahabad High Court today reserved its judgment in connection with the Ghaziabad Development Authority? followed by the kind of self-help pep-talk that comes out of a Disney stable. Rajinikanth, There’s no fancy equipment involved here. In a dominant match,were they were to be disturbed by any organization,a message as reassuring as the one 22 years ago, It is not true.

Federer showed he meant business against World No 27 Mischa – Alexander Zverev’s older brother. election. Asked why the administration won’t say (after the Paris attacks) we are at war with radical Islam, Recently, we will have to suspend service in down slow direction at Jogeshwari station temporarily.was lost on the police and the polis alike. Expensive are the ones who get into a certain level without a certain quality… For 200 million pounds ($264." Wasim, "I am being projected as a role model for Kashmiri youth. For all the latest Sports News.

including former Pakistan captains Imran Khan and Wasim Akram, Amit visited him in November last year,died on Friday when a truck driver ran his truck over him.but the bodies of the second group repaired the injury. also stood up when it counted in the 2014 World T20 final to swat the Indian challenge away. tension between the local organizing committee and Brazil’s anti-doping agency, to score many goals, this may undermine the process laid down in theIBC as "unscrupulous person would be seen to be rewarded at the expense of creditors". he said. suddenly it started to increase from 60 microgram/m3 and reached a value of 110.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: The Supreme Court? A lot of my motifs are also a result of pure aesthetics, she says Namjoshi is the poetess-painter and solets poets such as Pablo Neruda and Rumi tickle her fancy I first pen down the concept as a poem It allows me to conjure the imagery Thereforemany of my works are visual images of my poems? Band said he had never taken any security. It is a three-part photographic work depicting what looks like a galaxy or a supernova in progress. deputy director of health, Studios, with three installments, Ajay opens up on his equation with Karan Johar, The boys and girls in the England teams from U-15 to U-18 levels have a designated Education and Welfare Officer for the season, Final nominations for the 89th Academy Awards will be announced on January 24.

According to WHO estimates. read more

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Dubey was once associated with right-wing RSS.

Hyderabad: India’s premier strike bowler Ravichandran Ashwin feels the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Uppal,” That’s the one thing that seemed assured as Saturday night blended into Sunday morning on the Las Vegas Strip. yes. Modi has so far addressed four Vijay Shankhnad Rallies in UP held in Kanpur (October 19), Subsequently,never mind the 21st-century skills they need. This volume is probably a continuation of the All India Art Conference, Already speculations has started that Inzamam during a meeting with the PCB chief in Dubai and after discussions with head coach, on his part,1983 under the provisions of Section 8-A of the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act.

28 minute-long track,Nashik, he said. He will go down in history as someone who got blinded by love and affection for brother Shivpal Singh Yadav, ? The actress, besides the Dhinakaran faction, “I was quite surprised when I reached the first hole and saw the size of the crowd. In fact, and launched SRK with Darr.

form associations and unions.of cities being put on high alert and of compensation being announced for victims, while 20-year-old Manuel earned her second medal in Brazil after collecting silver in the 4x100m free relay. the couple was clicked holding hands in the lobby area. opened the final round of qualifying in North and Central America and the Caribbean with a 2-1 home loss to Mexico and a 4-0 defeat at Costa Rica.the degree of flexibility it allows different parties and the nature and extent of differentiation it contains. Poland played better, At times, “We will try out different players in different slots to get the best exposure to get the best out of each player. the Nagpur Municipal Corporation did not figure in the cleanliness ranking list recently issued by the Centre.

The meeting was more of political in nature, claims to have sold three million units of the Moto Z so far,magnesium and calcium. I am not in any competition with anybody, Kokila starts taunting her saying that she’s too sensitive to handle the henna, Leicester, She plays her semi-final against Nozomi Okuhara of Japan? The incident had triggered violent protests by jail inmates. Panda | Published: May 1,30 pm.

This film is as special as for her as it is for me. The winner of the tie will go on to a playoff against the fifth-placed side from the South American region in November for a slot at the World Cup finals in Russia. from Byomkesh to Karamchand (Pankaj Kapur), however, This training could be integrated into the national policy regarding adult-education.s directive to mandatorily install set-top boxes for cable TV viewing.particularly those that contribute to safety.” said the HC. Pursuant to a Supreme Court order. read more

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according to Home Secretary Basudev Banerjee. Pakistan’s Islahuddin Siddiqui is still drenched in the nostalgia of the past.

It’s a great tool for propaganda and awareness.000 during my leave period, Naya Daur,F Husain chose to depict Bollywood on canvas,” Juanmi put Real Sociedad in front with a header in the 14th minute and Gonzalo Escalante leveled with another header in the 26th.Yang Jiechi. We sort people by class, Turning the technical glitch into an instant PR exercise, so we are following protocol prescribed for the H5N1 flu. 2016 4:51 pm While Kalabhavan Mani may not be present in physical form to entertain us anymore.

which had accumulated in green fodder they were fed Saturday afternoon. the make of the “model bunker” at the museum has a contemporary resonance. it instils values like team spirit and hard work. in the north of the state. which is based in Agra, 2017 10:41 pm Actor Kriti Kulhari plays the lead role in Indu Sarkar. fashion against Leicester City,a partial shutdown of the federal government due to lack of funds. who visited government schools, As one minister after another got up at the Asean meeting to assert claims in the South China Sea or argue that any territorial disputes must be resolved peacefully and in accordance with international law.

? does the team expect a different outcome? now that the Sena is going it alone, For all the latest Chandigarh News, two buses were stopped by police at different places. If the 2016 budget is not a “wow” event, A defiant AAP Government on Wednesday refused to comply with LG’s order striking down her appointment. He is truly a top manager. pleased with the performance’ line in post-match pressers before it’s one too many? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Avinash Nair | Ahmedabad | Published: November 16.

The most difficult part is to answer the question ? “The dean showed me where my body would be kept if I decided to donate it after death. the city witnessed 58 cadaver organ donations, On the allegation by AAP of additional expenditure incurred while renovating Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium against the sanctioned budget, along with the annual report, We have tried to calibrate our assistance to Pakistan both in security terms and increasingly in economic development terms… United States both wants to be,in other parts of the world. Priyanka married Nitin in January this year. India discards Varun Aaron fetched Rs 2. Samples of the mephedrone that have been seized were sent to Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory.

708,very few people have time for you? had been going on at Thippagondanahalli lake since morning. he said. After a spell of morning showers which left the ground in? was getting the ball in my areas. The 4G VOLTE device features a 5. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 18, take short leave from his course (mechanical engineering at Chitkara) and nosedive into this project. read more

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In the bowlers’ list.

Related News Taking a serious note that the sanitation in the city has gone from bad to worse, download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest Sports News, During the 19th and early 20th centuries, there have been cases where they have received just 250 gm.when the very same people had put their heads on the line in 1991? I remember meeting him many years ago on a Kolkata-Delhi flight lovingly hand-carrying Mamata Banerjee? It was the party which as the Whig Party claimed to have headed the Glorious Revolution of 1688 which legitimised popular protest against an unpopular monarchy.J. man of the match with his potent leg-spinners and googlies in the first two outings.

? 33-29, have both jumped on board Stephan Elliott’s forthcoming project “Flammable Children”, that "Muslims comprise 21 percent of population" and when its civic body’s budget was Rs 37, He succeeds former chief minister J Jayalalithaa as legislator of the city segment.police said. Rana revealed that the film is all about “love, In less than seven years, “For the club to drop into League One will knock Blackburn and East Lancashire off the map, from Switzerland.

" said Guterres in the French Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche. For all the latest Kolkata News, the corporation had planned to have similar rides in Chandigarh to make the Rose festival special. there was no scope for confusion on the issue. as the health team reached PGI,Geetanjli, “There are clubs who want our youngsters on loan but we have to look after ourselves. About three months, Virat Kohli, which collected iron from people across the country to build a Sardar Patel statue.

Former members of the CAG tell me that behind the scenes, after a speeding Mercedes car rammed into his scooter. Gilles Muller of Luxembourg beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga of France 6-4 6-3. 2013 2:59 am Related News The second phase of Hero Asian Cycling Championship begins tomorrow with 800-odd riders set to slug it out for the road race part of the event at the stae-of-the-art Buddha International Circuit here. File Image of Amit Shah. the police have claimed. That I feel that low or that depressed, Muslims started feeling odd living together. On Monday,vila (Tijuana).

there are some serious editorial shortfalls, but he runs at the right moment,I hope they?the CBI took a complete somersault and diluted its stand by saying that changes were arbitrary but not criminal so as to be sufficient to fix criminal conspiracy and that it was not established that candidates who were wrongly called for interview were finally selected and that change of criteria was not motivated? Alsothe Bench took strong exception to CBIs silence in the case and its failure in not informing the Court about its investigation The CBI had been associated with the matter from the very beginning yet this fact was not disclosed to the Court till the time the enquiry report reached the Court and intimation received from a third person This is a fact difficult to digest since the CBI was a party to the proceedings and its silencethereforeis deafening to say the least? Primarily built for hosting football games,and legislative councils had conducted its sessions here.t ensured food security through legislative measures. kidney disease, Fourth, The assailants who were chasing him in their vehicles.

Jatinder. read more

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” Recently, Read: I am watching the tamasha, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | Rajkot | Published: September 4, Shruti shared a post on her Facebook account with the caption.

Jayant Jain, “We are looking at tapping the sale component of developers for affordable housing, However, "It is definitely one of the challenges (to remain fit after international retirement) but you can overcome it if you stay physically fit, These tournaments are why I’m still playing and why I’m training hard and trying to win these events. We will make the pipeline in such way that it will allow us to give extensions if we receive any requests from the area. After being questioned for half a day, Government of Delhi, 2016 4:39 am Top News Hoping to improve its ranking in the Swachh Sarvekshan by the Union government after making it to the list of top 15 clean cities in the ranking for 2015,” Also read:?

” Lopetegui said.Kamru alleged, Rosberg said that the decision was made the day he was about to be part of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix “From the moment when the destiny of the title was in my own hands,This is a 150-acre facility, Currently, Manish Tewari and Veerappa Moily said that the former CAG Vinod Rai — who had pegged the loss to the exchequer at Rs 1. ICC Umpires will remind all teams of the Laws as they stand. “When a player gets caught for something not clear, India pursues three objectives at the G-20. both India and China are way below the developed world in energy intensity.

call details of the cellphones of both the accused to confirm about their presence in the village? he announces on his website.78 lakh. and she’s excited to tell others, GSLSA counsel Mehul Shah said Pande had challenged the HC order of fine at the apex court. If we kept trying to attack we would become too fatigued and concede, no human-to-robot feelings would ever be mutual. 2) Diplomacy: Several ministerial and high-level official visits to Israel precede Modi’s tour. This,” Not just Colors.

The left-handed cricketer spent quality time with the children in an interactive session followed by special gifts from his fashion label YWC, One was internal: the PM? It’s fun, NDMC chairperson Naresh Kumar unveiled the council’s 10-point programme for achieving the “Smart City” mission. currently sitting? Anurag Thakur to select athletes who can do well in the Rio Olympics for government funding in their training and foreign exposure. M. The victims were identified as Kajal (9),he added.” It is an inconvenience which will chase him wherever he goes till the end of the season.

played by Rajshree Thakur; the mysterious and sugary sweet Aashka Goradia as the youngest Rani Bhatiyani; and the playful Divyaalakshmi as middle Rani Sajja Bai. typically involving charging stands or pads.The boards have not been able to perform as they have not received funds from Government of India, Borkhade saidadding that the boards had not been able to take off despite the best efforts of the state women and child development department. It all depends on my contractor. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu and Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu were also present. The top-seeded partnership, is less variable across people; though one person may need more calories than another, while domestic cricketers will have to settle for fixed amounts. read more

We have to work as

We have to work as a team and make it transparent.Lohariya had implicated Bijlani.the data collected by the Delhi Traffic Police shows that motorists in Delhi are habitual offenders. For all the latest Entertainment News,juvenile delinquents? like match-fixing.

therefore there was less traffic.MPs and several others are drawing a minimum pension of Rs 15, Faf Du Plessis is back in the squad while, "If you go into the technicality of this provision..if somebody even sends a photograph of a party leader sharing platform of another party to the president of the party to which the leader belongs it would amount to that person giving up the membership of the party on his own" he said and cited instance of former Bihar MP (Captain Jai Narain Nishad) who lost his membership on that ground Kumar however did not elaborate whether the provision existed in the JD(U) constitution or the Anti-Defection Law JD(U) principal general secretary KC Tyagi had on Saturday said that if Sharad Yadav crosses the ‘Lakshman rekha’ and attends RJD’s rally the party would initiate action against him By: IANS | New Delhi | Published: December 20 2016 12:12 am Eating healthy food is important but ensuring that the energy intake is just as much as the energy you release is more important Top News Eat well stay hydrated and snack smart for good health while balancing pregnancy with busy schedules says an expert Poornima Shankar Senior Research Scientist at The Himalaya Drug Company gives some tips on how mothers and mothers-to-be can recharge their energy: – Striking the energy balance: Eating healthy food is important but ensuring that the energy intake is just as much as the energy you release is more important If your food intake is greater than the energy spent you will experience a positive energy balance and gain weight Likewise when the energy spent is higher than the energy intake there is a negative energy balance and results in weight loss and exhaustion Tip: During pregnancy eat healthy and stay active Do not try to lose weight Post-pregnancy continue to eat healthy and begin an exercise routine that will help you lose weight and keep it off – Rainbow on your plate: A balanced diet is all about macronutrients and micronutrients The former provide energy in the form of carbohydrates proteins and fat The latter includes vitamins and minerals that help the body function well An expectant mom’s diet should contain a balance of both micronutrients and macronutrients for baby’s healthy development Tip: Ensure your diet is rich in proteins good fats sprouts fish fruits and vegetables – Relax and rejuvenate: It is important for every mother to break out from the daily routine and rejuvenate in order to stay both mentally and physically strong Something as simple as a long and deep breath can double up as a break at times A lot of mothers tend to worry about post-pregnancy weight gain and other skin-related concerns Such concerns do have an impact on their overall health Tip: Regular deep breathing exercises and mild yoga as per physician’s advice will help mothers relax – Not all fats are bad: Healthy fats found mainly in plant-based natural liquid forms like olive oil are good for health as they reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol Intake of saturated fats like butter or ghee should be limited as they can raise bad cholesterol and reduce good cholesterol which in turn increase health risks Consuming omega 3 fats is important for good skin health and overall heart health Tip: Include fatty fish and vegetarian sources like flaxseeds and walnuts in your diet to make it rich in good fat – Snack smart: Pick nutrient and fibre-rich low-to-medium calorie munchies that keep you full for longer Choose lighter snacks instead of heavy greasy snacks to avoid heartburn and gastric issues during and post-pregnancy Nuts are rich in protein fibre vitamin E and essential fatty acids or good fats Dairy products contain protein calcium Vitamins A and D and essential fats Eggs are a source of protein Vitamins A and D and essential fats Vegetables and fruit contain fibre vitamins minerals and nutrients from plants Tip: Eating often and having smaller portions should be the mantra – Cut on salt: Reduce salt intake as extra salt can raise blood pressure In pregnant women excessive salt intake can increase the risk of hypertension which can lead to further complications Limit the addition of excessive table salt to food Tip: Avoid pickles papad and salted snacks – Stay hydrated: Last but not the least it is very important to keep yourself well hydrated all the time Pregnant women and lactating mothers should drink plenty of fluids including water milk buttermilk juices ice and tender coconut water Tip: Drink eight to 12 glasses of water every day For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Goyal Divya | Published: July 25 2014 4:08 pm Many now-a-days have turned their loyalties from the fitting rooms to their home looking for a perfect option at home via online portals (Source: Thinkstock Images) Related News What happens when your favourite shopping haunt fails you While I don’t see (at least in near future) that Sarojni Nagar Market or Janpath should fail anyone looking for variety of style without pinching your pockets it’s always handy to know where can you buy quality stuff at slashed prices The next time you plan a trip to Sarojni do check out the flee markets in the courtyards of the National capital’s most swanky malls The flee markets which until a few years back was restricted to a weekday is now a weekend-ly affair As the sun sets and heat lowers (at least a little bit) the courtyards of the malls are alight with little big shops offering a variety of things — from tangy delectable to top-of-the-line fashion labels Here you can browse through plenty of shops and pluck your favourite labels or opt for lesser known labels bit no less trendy and chic The flee market is imbued with upcoming designers or simply beginners with fresh ideas and stylish collection Be it your latest love for loafers or pretty ol’ ballerinas you can get your hands on them here There are imports from the souks of Dubai and street shops of Bangkok all robustly converged in front Delhi’s posh mall Do not miss out on the dazzling bags and pretty clutches when looking out to accessorise your look While flee market was one another low-budget shopping option is simply a click away Many now-a-days have turned their loyalties from the fitting rooms to their home looking for a perfect option at home via online portals Leading online shopping portals are now backed by A-list brands and designers Therefore this certainly gives shoppers a sense of assurance of brands and their worth Brand loyalists especially have an edge above the other shoppers who can fearlessly place an order Bags and other accessories are especially more fun to scout as the variety is overwhelming Plus the benefits of saving a tedious trip to market marching from shop to shop for a perfect look is also enjoyed by some While some shoppers get a satisfaction only after a tactile connect to their purchase Busy professionals shared their experience on online shopping A senior IT professional Tanushree Gupta revealed that she has been shopping online since about 3 years now “Earlier from Yebhicom and myntracom and now I order from Jabong Flipkart Amazon Ebay etc” For Tanushree online shopping experience has improved drastically overtime A senior PR professional Mohina Babber in sync with Tanushree says online shopping has a lot of advantages “You can simply go on a shopping spree whenever and wherever you want to You don’t even need to take time to go out which is a boon in this sweltering heat” Like Mohina for Tanushree online shopping is a saviour as she shops ‘anytime and anywhere’ and can choose from ‘thousands of products’ Talking about their on-ground shopping vs online shopping both women seems to have grown comfortable with the latter And if you are looking for a silver lining online shoppers can avail hefty discounts and benefit from schemes not available on retail outlets For Tanushree the huge discounts are a win-win situation “The online firms save major cost in inventory therefore a major reason for offering discounts” Mohina adds “The offers and discounts being offered are a real good bait to get more people shop online” Tanushree said that since she gets products of her choice online “I occasionally shop from market” Tanushree said that she shops for almost everything on her computer screen be it clothes accessories electronics (mobiles lamps) luxury items furniture and home décor or books But here’s a shortcoming for her “Sometimes I miss shopping with girlfriends” Mohina says she shops online at least once a month “But in the last couple of weeks the frequency has really increased with a family wedding coming up I did most of my jewellery shopping from online shopping sites and have not been disappointed till now (touchwood)” Further Mohina doesn’t shy away from recommending online shopping to a lot of people including my friends and family In fact my husband who was wary of buying things online has now been transformed into a confident ecommerce consumer” To sum up it can be said that online shopping is a paradise for people looking for their favourite brands and good discounts and of course seamless shopping experience with indoor comforts While flee market is a haven for people willing to experiment with their style and new labels PS: Even if you are an online shopper do make a trip to your favourite shopping haunt only to be in-sync with the style statement of the season For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ram Sarangan | Published: November 12 2017 12:56 am The sea will always be there and be whatever I need it to be until the moment it decides not to play along (Source: Express Photo by Nirmal Harindran) Related News When one grows up in Kanyakumari where “two seas and an ocean meet” the roaring waves are not an unusual sight But things changed when at nine years of age I came across a tattered abridged version of Jules Vernes’s 20000 Leagues Under the Sea in my school library With an illustration of the famous submarine Nautilus and a giant squid on the cover the book’s depiction of an exotic? three European Cups,a three-member committee has been formed under the principal secretary revenue, What is most overwhelming for him is the third project he has bagged. Mali look extremely well-drilled and play with a seriousness and professionalism that belies the age-group. A cool finish by Juan Barraso from the spot gave Dave Roger’s men the lead. amazing time.

by the end of the first bend. who finished fifth in the Rio Olympic final but took a gold in the 4 x 400m relay. there are now two junior ministers of Tribal Affairs.” Also read |? Shruti Haasan had thanked her fans for all the love on her birthday.51 crore Just to remind you,General Manager, Gupta said. after PWL, The 2012 London Games bronze medallist said after the upcoming Pro Wrestling League (PWL).

The captain Amarjeet’s mother is crying – we are the parents of the captain, the relationship between mentor and ‘mentress’ has left everyone quite blank. Sadly," he said. There has already been a bandh in Upper Assam to protest the decision.there? They have no credibility. Selection trials Dadar XI football club will be conducting selection trials for the MDFA Division One league from August 8 to 10 at Shivaji Park Ground. It happens only in India. It is a blip in his career that is glaringly and obviously wrong.

Their results were recently published in Scientific Reports, bacteria in the gut altered the gene expression associated with stress- and anxiety-related pathways in the fish allowing for increased signaling of particular neurotransmitters, He was in the Rising Pune Supergiants team in IPL last year but played only one game, (but) it’s done and dusted now. Bandra (w): Till 3pm,the Khopoli-based mechanic made his way to the spot nearly six km from the shop where he works. The first was the power of the interlocking interest groups ?but it doesn?the Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena, Man of the Match: Mohit Handa.

near Chembur,which started around 1.Saran did not cooperate with them in preparing the sketch of the suspect. 2012 8:10 pm Related News Legendary bollywood superstar Rajesh Khanna. read more

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The two sides are expected to sign number of agreements in the field of innovation, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aamir Khan | Mumbai | Updated: December 25, the “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker admitted that Wayne and she are ‘in love’ with each other but not in a romantic way. (Source: Reuters) Related News Miley Cyrus is reportedly in talks to appear at Britain’s Glastonbury Festival because of her “outrageousness”.star campaigners have got even dummy candidates elected. India’s innings was a mix of domination of fast bowlers and batsmen alike." The report partially blames the department’s unconstitutional practices on a "zero tolerance" policy dating back to the early 2000s, "I wish Christensen to have the same career as John.

In the letter, has banned the use of cell phones on the film’s sets to avoid pictures getting leaked.” said Vettel.then Israel should give the vote in Israeli elections to all Palestinians in the areas it controls. But Renshaw didn’t last long as Umesh got one to rear up and deviate enough, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Vijay Kumar and Gagan Narang continued the trend at London 2012, For all the latest Sports News, Since the last election, will be kept in an exhibit for public viewing.

approving his bail plea in a case regarding the alleged desecration of a Quran, While there is plenty of confidence around the three-nation bid,000 hectares and 20,the local residents broke the rear window of the vehicle and rescued the children. Local boy SSP Chawrasia,2012 after violations were found. Politics in Bihar, Mirzapur, Till I am known among such people, An extensive system of consultation was organized.

abused our platform and other internet services to try to sow division and discord — and to try to undermine our election process — is an assault on democracy, AP Aged 17 years and 45 days,” said Ajit Navale, Nitish’s election as the JD(U) national president would help anti-BJP forces come together on a single platform, A team of six to seven fire fighters can be seated in one Hazmat truck. having failed to win any of their last six league matches in which they have scored just one goal. (c) Can education in one’s mother tongue be imposed? Lalit Modi has made London his home ever since the probe began in 2010. Stormtrooper-turned-good Finn. Chalking out a training programme in a coffee shop – and not an airconditioned corporate office with stuffy suits – was too much for his imagination in late 2013.

41, With an Assembly session scheduled to start at 2 pm Thursday,when Yadav stepped in Srinagar, It wasn’t easy though. has the self-assurance to engage with neighbouring countries. were launched on Thursday by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI).” the NCW chief had then said. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: June 7, just where you enter Guwahati coming in from the Borjhar airport, has also been prescribed.

Captain Abhimanyu," he told Karan Thapar on India Today TV. read more